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Archive for March, 2012

Extrovert Me Review

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Extrovert Me is a course that is designed to help you overcome your shyness and become more extroverted. So if you’re limiting yourself by being stuck in your shell, does Extrovert Me live up to it’s promises?

What is in Extrovert Me?

The main product is a series of ten audio sessions which are delivered to you the old-fashioned way, on CD. This means that you don’t have the hassle of downloading the files from the web but does mean that there will be a few days wait between purchasing and actually getting the files to listen to.

Extrovert Me imageFortunately, the wait is worth it.

The audios are professionally recorded which means that they work well. Even if your first instincts when meeting anyone are to run away and hide.

The first session takes you into the future to find out how your life will begin to change for the better once you start becoming more extroverted. This technique is known as future pacing and works well to train your mind for change.

The second audio session gives the critical side of your brain something to work with. Often with personal development products it’s assumed that you can just start using them and everything will work out fine. That’s not the case if the rational side of your brain is fighting you tooth and nail. Which makes this second audio session of Extrovert Me a “must listen to” one to quell all those nagging doubts that will have almost certainly reared their head.

The third audio session of Extrovert Me starts the process in earnest. It concentrates on the language you use – all those “I can’ts” and other reasons why you think that it’s not possible for you to become more extrovert. If you’ve never used language patterns consciously before you’ll find this session an real life changer. They’re used on you all the time by advertisers – this is your chance to use them on yourself to start to become more extroverted.

The next five Extrovert Me audio sessions use a number of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques to boost your confidence and help you become more extroverted. Don’t worry about the technical term of NLP – it’s really very easy to follow along. What happens is that NLP models people who have changed from being introverts into extroverts and gives you a proven road map to follow to allow you to do the same thing. That’s what these audios are designed to do.

These five sessions are the real power of this course. I’m trained in NLP and can vouch for the power that these techniques can impart. Even though superficially you may think not a lot has happened, they will change the way your mind thinks for the better and will automatically shift you into being more extroverted.

The course concludes with a test exercise. Nothing like the tests you did at school – just a simple thing that you can do to help prove to yourself that the work you’ve done listening to the Extrovert Me sessions has indeed worked for you.

Finally there’s a session that covers how to cope with the new, improved, more extrovert you. This is a good idea as some courses leave you in the lurch, unprepared for your changed life.

Extrovert Me Verdict

The course is well produced and will work (so long as you actually listen to the sessions at least once of course).

It’s good value for money. You can check out more details about Extrovert Me here. Then use the discount coupon link below to get a significant saving on the price.

Use this link for a discount copy of Extrovert Me.