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Astral Projection Underground Review get an out of body experience

Astral Projection Underground Review

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Abhishek Agarwal has been practicing astral projection for over 15 years and the Astral Projection Underground book is a mixture of Abhi’s experiences over the years together with a series of exercises that are designed to help you to safely leave your body and experience the fun of astral projection. There’s also a useful frequently asked questions section covering the 65 top questions.

What’s in Astral Projection Underground?

Astral Projection UndergroundThe first section of the book deals with the basics of astral projection. If you’re like me, you’ll have your appetite whetted at the thought of visiting a distant friend, almost at the drop of a hat. Watching them eat cookies and go about their daily life, without them knowing you are there. And then calling up you’re friend and telling them what you’ve just seen in your “dream”.

It is thought that these out of body experiences have been part of human culture since at least the time of the Egyptians and Abhi gives a brief history of these events over the years.

He also covers the chance that you may already have experienced a spontaneous out of body experience. But the majority of the book deals with controlling what happens when you consciously leave your physical body.

Before you start to learn the process, Abhi goes through some of the benefits you’ll get once you learn how to travel in the astral plane, including:

  • Recalling your past lives
  • Being able to fly wherever you want
  • Increasing your psychic abilities
  • Speeding up your own personal development (because you start to appreciate the bigger picture)
  • Improved well-being
  • More inner calm
  • Better memory recall
  • And, of course, it’s fun!

The Astral Projection book then goes on to dispel 21 common myths about astral projection. Starting with the common misconceptions that this skill is only available to the “chosen few” and that, even if you could learn it, it’s difficult and takes years of practice. In fact, Abhi suggests that you’ll start to get results within a few days.

Another common myth is that you need to be good at visualization in order to become good at astral projection. Abhi neatly dispels this idea.

After the myths, the book talks about fear. Fear often holds us back in life and if you have any worries or concerns about the idea of astral projection, you’ll almost certainly find that they’re covered in this chapter. You’ll also get a great bunch of tips to overcome your fear so that you can start enjoying your out of body experience (OOBE) sooner.

Then it’s the section you may have been tempted to fast-forward to: how to have an out of body experience. Starting with the best way to prepare for your session. This includes what to wear, foods to avoid and foods that will best help your session, whether or not you should attempt to project in the dark and various other useful tips.

Once you’re at this stage, the next part of the procedure is relaxation. If you’re tense and nervous, you’re not likely to have the best OOBE.

Abhi gives you two different, step by step, methods to relax your body. I’ve used both of these and it will come down to personal preference which method you use.

Then, at least as important, is silencing your mind. All the mind chatter and thoughts that drift through your brain. You’re given 4 simple techniques that will let you achieve this blissful state.

Once your body and mind are relaxed, it’s time for the astral projection itself.

Because different people react in different ways, you’re actually given 22 different methods of achieving astral projection. Probably the only danger here is procrastinating rather than experimenting to see which method is best for you!

The different techniques are split between ones that require visualization and ones that don’t. Which means that you’re bound to find at least one technique that gels with you. Indeed, Abhi suggests that you begin your practice with the technique that most appeals to you first, moving on to another technique if your original choice doesn’t work out as planned.

All the methods are well explained. So it’s just down to choosing one.

One of the questions that almost always crops up with any method like astral projection is “Am I doing it right?”

This is a perfectly natural human reaction.

Chapter 8 covers the range of sensations that you may encounter as you are attempting astral projection. These will give you reassurance that you are indeed doing things right.

The other thing that often happens when you are learning something new is hitting a roadblock.

This is normal.

When you were learning to walk as a child you just got up again each time you stumbled. But as adults we often have a tendency to throw in the towel at the slightest hint that we haven’t become masters of a subject in half an hour.
Abhi talks you through six common roadblocks that you may encounter as you learn the process of astral projection. He gives some excellent pointers on how to overcome these possible problems.

Then the book moves on to some of the more common things that you will experience when you’re having your out of body experience. It deals at length with the cord that connects your physical and astral forms and also explains why – even though this cord is always present – not everyone can actually see it when they leave their body.

If you’ve ever wondered what the astral plane looks like and who (or what) you’re likely to encounter, chapter 12 deals with these inhabitants – split into their human, non-human and elemental forms.

You’re given some easy methods to determine whether the humans you meet are dreaming consciously or unconsciously as well as whether or not they have a physical presence at all. This last section covers people including deceased relatives, so if you’ve ever thought about contacting these old friends without engaging the services of a spiritual medium, this is a good section to read.

Non-human entities include fairies, animals, angels and demons. You’re given help in dealing swiftly with this last category as well as guidance for dealing with artificial entities or elementals.

Chapter 13 takes a look at some of the different experiences you can have when you’ve left your body. These include space travel, talking with the deceased, visiting people elsewhere in the world plus the Harry Potter experience of walking through walls. Abhi also talks about how you can use your astral experience to enhance your learning abilities and develop your psychic powers.

Since many people like to fly during their astral projection sessions, the book gives you five different flying techniques as well as ways to control the speed of your flight.

Of course, there’s no real point in having an out of body experience unless you can remember it afterwards. Abhi has lots of useful tips to help you in this area as well as a complete chapter of tips to follow before, during and after your session.

The second half of the book is taken up with the various appendices. These have the 65 top FAQs on astral projection, a selection of first hand stories from people and their experiences on the astral plane, further exploration of the subject with a multitude of articles and a useful compendium of 500 websites where you can find out even more about the world of astral projection.

Overall verdict

Astral Projection Underground is an all round introduction to the world of astral projection and out of body experiences.

Probably the thing I like most are the alternative methods of achieving astral projection – you’re almost certain to find a number of different ways that allow you to achieve an out of body experience quickly and easily.

You can download a copy of Astral Projection Underground here.

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