Astral Travel Now Review

Astral Travel Now is an audio course from hypnotherapist Steve G Jones. In this course, he shares the experience he has gained since he first started astral projecting in 1984 and has been exploring the subject ever since.

Which in itself is reassuring – you’re learning from someone who knows what he is doing!

More about Astral Travel Now

Astral travelYou’re given instant access to three MP3 files to download to your computer.

The first track is an introduction to Steve G Jones and an overview of astral projecting.

You’ll find out about his first astral projection experience and the sense of panic that he had during the dream – mainly because he didn’t know much about astral travel at the time and that he was seeing “real” things in his dream. Also that he wasn’t totally sure that he was dreaming at the time.

This explanation is a good preparation for your future astral travel experiences, especially as this first experience wasn’t exactly controlled by Steve.

Next up is an explanation of how the astral plane works. Steve refers to this as the fourth dimension. But he explains this well, so you won’t get lost!

He also explains why we don’t normally see the things that are contained in the fourth dimension. These include ghosts, structures and all sorts of other things. And, if you want to get odd looks from your friends, he also explains that you’ll be able to see these objects when you’re awake once you’ve learned how to astral project.

Then things get slightly weirder as Steve explains that your astral body is a fourth dimensional “thing”. Whilst this normally lives inside your physical body, when you astral project it leaves your body but is connected by an umbilical cord and can take you anywhere you want, unlimited by time, distance or space.

Which is probably why you’re interested in this in the first place!

You’re also introduced to your “overself” in this section – the part of you that oversees your life and also ensures that when you astral project, you’ll return safely to your body at the end of your trip.

The second audio in Astral Travel Now deals with how you can astral project.

It starts by telling you how to prepare for your session and goes into the exact detail of how Steve prepares for his own personal sessions as well as ways that you can adapt his methods to suit your own preferences.

He then moves on to your first astral projection sessions. As with most things, you’ll get better the more you practice and the guidelines he gives are realistic. You’re likely to get at least small results quickly, which is always encouraging.

The explanation also covers how you’ll be able to distinguish between objects in the real world versus ones that exist in the fourth dimension. And also how you cope when you encounter objects in the fourth dimension – you won’t be able to walk through 4th dimension walls, for instance, but will be able to pass through objects in the real world.

It’s an odd concept, but again it’s well explained.

Then the explanation moves on to instantly moving to a new place. And floating above people or places if that takes your fancy.

Steve also explains how he’s performed “Matrix” style moves in these moments as well as flying like Superman or just floating serenely.

He emphasizes that there are no limits here.

The explanation of performing what are effectively magic tricks by testing is fun.

Plus there’s also a warning that you need to stay away from private places unless you’ve been invited. So if you’ve been thinking about astral sex, you need to listen to the warning first!

As with the real world, there are dark forces in the astral planes. Steve deals with how to deal with these negative beings or evil spirits and keep yourself protected from these malevolent creatures.

He also explains about “elementals” – very basic creatures who are just out to have fun but aren’t necessarily particularly intelligent.

The other fun thing you can do once you start to use astral projection is to help your friends to astral project as well.

The third track in the Astral Travel Now set is a complete astral projection hypnosis session.

Steve’s voice and the backing music are relaxing and easy to listen to.

You’re guided on your astral journey and Steve points out things that you may or may not have already noticed as you explore the moon and the spectacular views it commands.

You’re then taken into an even deeper hypnotic state where you’re given lots of hypnotic help to achieve the best possible astral projection experience. The track leaves you ready to fall asleep and start to have an astral projection experience.

Overall verdict

Astral Travel Now is a good introduction to the world of astral travel.

You’re given enough information about the process to reassure any nagging doubts your conscious mind may be harboring.

Then it’s down to earth, practical information to allow you to start exploring the astral plane quickly.

The hypnosis track helps enormously with the process.

You get can get your own copy of Astral Travel now from this link.