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Attractor Genie Review: use the power of the mind to attract things

Attractor Genie Review

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Attractor Genie is designed to help you put the Law of Attraction into practice.


If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” or read books such as “The Science of Getting Rich” and “Think and Grow Rich” or investigated ideas such as Cosmic Ordering, you’ll know that they all teach you about attracting things into your life. Ideally, good things!


And if you’ve tried to put these principles into practice, you may have had varying success…


More About Attractor Genie

Attractor GenieA lot of people find that there’s a big gap between thinking they want something and actually doing enough to manifest that “thing” into their life. Partly because most of us have a tendency to lose focus. Which, in turn, causes the “thing” we thought we were attracting to us to go elsewhere instead.


The heart of Attractor Genie is a piece of software to keep all your goals in one place and allow you to focus on them.


The system is designed for recent versions of Microsoft Windows. Mac users are second class citizens as usual and will need to check out the system requirements section to see whether they have the necessary Windows emulation software to allow the program will run on their machine.


The software allows you to:


  • Maintain your daily journal
  • Create a variety of “to do” lists to keep you on track for your goal
  • Give you daily inspirational quotes
  • Write your target or goal out in detail – this is one of the essential features to help you actually realize your goal
  • Draw your own vision or dream board
  • Quickly create a slide show that will help reinforce all the things you want to attract into your life (very much like a PowerPoint presentation)
  • Flash subliminal messages onto your screen
  • Maintain a gratitude journal – a lot of systems use this idea because the more you express your gratitude for the good things that happen to you, the more good things you’ll attract
  • Keep all your attraction wishes in one place – it’s easy to lose track (think how fast you forget your New Year resolutions)
  • Keep your own affirmations list
  • Create a mind map – there’s a bit of a learning curve with these, but done correctly they’re a superb way to keep all your thoughts available “at a glance”.
  • Keep a check on how close you’re getting to your goals


Which is a tall order.


Sure, you could get hold of all the different pieces of software and do all these different tasks. Word for the journals, PowerPoint for the slide show, NotateIt for the whiteboard, maybe Brain Power Pro for the subliminals, FreeMind for mind maps, and so on.


Even just remembering to launch each of these on a daily basis is more than most of us mere mortals can manage,


The beauty of Attractor Genie is that you only need to launch one program and everything is there in a nice, orderly fashion. Ready for you to go on to actually focus on your goals (rather than focusing on all the different software programs you need to keep track of everything).


Another problem a lot of people have is deciding what they actually want to attract into their lives. Sometimes, we can’t see the wood for the trees. If you’re not sure, there’s plenty of help in the software to get you to hone down your visions. The manual that comes with the software also goes into lots of detail to help with this process.


And if you’re still struggling, try writing out a description of your “worst day ever” and then turning it round 180 degrees. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how close this gets you to your vision.


Each of the sections of the program is covered in depth in the manual. There are also a series of training videos that will show you on screen how the software works and will give you a good overview of how to use each section of the software.


The section on affirmations is good. If you’ve ever experienced your mind going blank when you start to write out your affirmations, you’ll like the fact that there are a large number of pre-written affirmations (divided into categories such as attraction, action, courage, career, confidence, weight loss, success, motivation, etc). These pre-written affirmations are already written in the first person, which is the best way to write affirmations, and you can amend them to your own personal taste.


Limiting beliefs are a big factor in stopping us from achieving what we want to in life. The system has a simple way of discovering the beliefs that are holding you back and then creating a slide show to rid yourself of these views.


The vision board is a neat part of the system. Our minds work well with pictures and the vision board allows you to paste pictures and captions for those pictures. If you haven’t got an image for something you want to attract into your life, there’s a search facility. Resizing your images is easy. So is moving them – just use drag and drop. You can also add captions to the images. And, fortunately, editing your vision board at a later date is equally easy.


The vision board can be exported as an image file or saved as the wallpaper on your computer.


If you prefer your images to be shown one at a time, there’s a simple way to produce a slide show that will fade each of them in and out in turn, complete with any affirmations you want to attach to them. Playing these slide shows a couple times a day is quick, easy and an excellent way of imprinting them on your mind. I find that the best times for me are first thing in the morning and last thing at night but they’re available at any time so you can go with your own preferences.


The subliminal generator part of the program is designed to flash short, subliminal, messages onto your screen whenever you are at your computer. You can use pre-written affirmations covering the same categories as with the affirmations and you can also write your own.


Unless you’re doing some really heavy work on your PC (recalculating a massive spreadsheet, that kind of thing) then you are unlikely to consciously notice the affirmations as they flash on screen. But your subconscious will notice them and they will start to work for you with no effort on your part.


You can choose how often the messages are displayed and where on your screen, or you can leave them at the default settings, which work pretty well.


Is Attractor Genie worth buying?


The Attractor Genie software is well written and easy to use. I found it a lot easier than having lots of different programs scattered all over the place, especially as over time I could guarantee that something would happen to make Word documents and PowerPoint presentations slip off my recently used file list, meaning I’d have to hunt around to remember where I’d saved them and what I’d called them.


Running just one program that takes care of everything makes sense if you’re life busy but you want to attract more good things into your life.


You can buy Attractor Genie here.

2 Responses to “Attractor Genie Review”

  1. jeff u Says:

    I was not able to use the software, because this is a work computer. I have been waiting for a refund for three months. There customer service on there refund policy is a joke. Don’t expect a refund if you buy this product.

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