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How to Break a Habit: Habit Busting Secrets Review

How to Break a Habit: Habit Busting Secrets Review

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Habit Busting Secrets is a series of audios from professional coach Lee Milteer plus a workbook to keep you on track. It is designed to be listened to and worked through over a 3 week period.

If you’ve ever purchased a Nightingale Conant audio product, you’ll recognize the format of Beating Procrastination. This is very similar, although the price is a lot lower because you’re downloading the audios rather than being sent a product through the post.

The program aims to help you break any habit, not just procrastination. Even if you’ve tried before and failed.

What’s in Habit Busting Secrets?Beating procrastination: habit busting secrets

The audios are divided into 4 disks, each as a separate download. You’ll need to extract these into different folders on your PC as the track names are the same on each disk.

Once you’ve downloaded, I’d suggest that you copy the files to a medium you’re going to use. Maybe your iPod or burn them to a CD so that you can play them in your car. There’s no hypnosis involved, so they’re fine to listen to on the move.

Habit Busting Secrets – part 1

One of the first things the program covers is a problem that besets a lot of people. If you’ve ever seen someone quit smoking and then put on pounds, almost overnight, you’ve witnessed this problem.

Most people take around 2 to 3 weeks to develop a new habit. So it figures that it takes around the same length of time to break an unwanted habit and replace it with a new one.

The first few tracks talk you through this habit formation and also why it’s likely that you haven’t successfully kicked whatever habit it is that you want rid of. They also explain why willpower rarely works for most people.

After that, you’ll need to use the guidelines in the workbook that comes with the program to identify the issues you want to work on.

From experience, I’d suggest that you work on one issue at a time. It’s a lot easier on you. And it nips the potential sense of overload in the bud. I’d also suggest that you don’t start with your biggest problem. Our subconscious mind usually needs proof and using this system to rid yourself of a niggling habit rather than a big problem will give you more power when you tackle the next issue.

That said, there’s also a neat trick on track 3 that will help you with the bigger problems you’re experiencing – it’s a great way of turning your “showstopper” habits into ones that at least begin to allow themselves to be tamed.

By definition, habits are things we do habitually. Almost without thinking. So whether you bite your nails, pull out your hair or eyelashes, eat more than you need to, light up a cigarette, take another sip of coffee or alcohol or any other habit, you keep doing it. Probably especially after you catch yourself performing that habit and beat yourself up about it.

Habit Busting Secrets – part 2

Disk 2 moves on to identifying all the things that are bad – and good – about your habits. It might be a scary list to start with!

Once you’ve identified the habits you want rid of, you can use the techniques described to motivate yourself or otherwise change the habit.

There’s a good chance you’ve identified some bad habits before. A lot of people call these lists “New Year’s Resolutions”. We dutifully write them out at the start of the year and, if you’re like most people, break them within a few days or weeks.

There are plenty of ways described to change your current bad habits for something better.

If you’ve got a “popular” bad habit, such as nail biting, getting angry at the drop of a hat or procrastinating, there are lots of suggestions in the course. If your habit isn’t specifically covered, you can easily adapt the ones you’re given.

Disk 2 also has an excellent section on how our habits are often formed at quite an early age. Once you’ve recognized these old patterns, you’re given help and ideas on how to change them for the better.

It’s not rocket science, but if you’re currently stuck with a habit then you’re not doing what’s needed to get rid of it.

Which means there is a section to help you program your mind.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be some nerdy computer programmer to do this. It’s all explained simply and clearly – one of the better explanations I’ve heard.

This section covers your self talk – the little voice in your head that keeps popping up, nagging you and putting doubts into your mind. If you’ve come across Psycho-Cybernetics you’ll know the idea.

Personally, I found this easier to understand and less “drawn-out” than the Maxwell Maltz book. So if deciding what’s happening in your mind’s eye has been a stumbling block for you, you’ll probably find this more “real world” and easier to implement.

After that is a fun exercise: listing all the excuses you’ve used to keep with your habit. As a natural-born procrastinator, I found this useful to do. One of the ways I occasionally beat my tendency to procrastinate is to do it now, before I get chance to delay. So if you procrastinate, make sure you pause the playback and actually complete the workbook as instructed. Rather than thinking you’ll go back to this section “later”.

Disk 2 also covers something I’ve not heard explained particularly well before. We’re all aware of withdrawal symptoms from things like caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. But why? You’ll find out in this section, which should be helpful in overcoming your unwanted habits.

The program then goes on to affirmations, except that they’re called declarations. There’s a good discussion on how to phrase these declarations to help your subconscious mind to accept them. And also the best times of the day to use them so that they stand the highest chance of being accepted.

Habit Busting Secrets – parts 3 & 4

Disk 3 continues with this way of thinking and how to change the way you react when you catch yourself going back to your old habits. Unless you’re superhuman, chances are that you’ll slip back into your old habit at least occasionally (maybe more often). There are a number of good ideas here to help you overcome this problem.

Lee also gives some excellent help on setting your goals (which is what breaking a habit is – a goal to stop doing something). This includes how to overcome the sense of overwhelm that people often feel. For instance, if you’ve ever thought something along the lines of “Sure, but I could never do that”, you’ll discover how to get over that issue.

The final disk brings everything together. This includes why it is important to not always share your habit busting ideas with everyone you come into contact. This is a frequent downfall of people who decide to quit a habit.

Overall, if you’ve got a bad habit that you want rid of, this is an excellent and highly affordable option.

It’s cheaper than even one session with your local hypnotist or NLP practitioner and you can use it over again as often as you want.

It will work on beating procrastination or any other habit you care to name.

You can download a copy of Habit Busting Secrets almost instantly here.

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