Ultimate Self Talk Series Review

Self talk, let’s face it –  we all talk to ourselves. Some people – the ones you maybe cross the road to avoid – talk to themselves out loud. But most people talk to themselves in their heads. Of course, in television shows such as Dexter it’s difficult for us to know the self talk, […]

Quantum Cookbook Review: Using The Law of Attraction

If you’ve heard of the movie “The Secret” or read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” or investigated anything to do with the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that lots of different people are telling you that you can manifest anything you want into your life. Whilst you may not currently believe everything these […]

Astral Projection Underground Review

Abhishek Agarwal has been practicing astral projection for over 15 years and the Astral Projection Underground book is a mixture of Abhi’s experiences over the years together with a series of exercises that are designed to help you to safely leave your body and experience the fun of astral projection. There’s also a useful frequently […]

Vedic Mathematics Secrets Review

Doing sums in your head may seem an odd topic for the 21st century, even if it’s given a fancy sounding name such as Vedic Mathematics Secrets. After all, calculators are everywhere. Even if they’re not exactly designed for speed or accuracy – for instance, the calculator on your cell phone, where it’s easy to […]