Core Energy Meditation Review

The Core Energy Meditation system promises that you can use it to release any unwanted thought, feeling or belief.

Which is quite a powerful claim.

You may have heard similar claims from other programs – the Sedona Method sprang to mind – but there can be a difference between claims and what actually happens in real life.

So what’s in Core Energy Meditation?

Core Energy MeditationThe good news is that you can try part of the system out with no obligation to buy it. You’ll have to enter your name and email address to get to the free sample page, but that’s a fairly standard thing on the web and it’s easy enough to opt out of any future emails if you find that Core Energy Meditation isn’t for you.

I find that the value (or otherwise) I get from a meditation is often determined by how well I get on with the voice that’s talking to me. Personally, I find Kevin Schoeninger’s voice soothing which, for me, gives the system a major plus point. You’ll know in a few minutes whether the same goes for you.

Let’s take a look at what you get when you purchase Core Energy Meditation:

Two CD’s that explain all about Core Energy Meditation. These aren’t actual meditations, so it’s fine to listen to them in your car or transfer them to your iPod so that you can listen to them during otherwise “dead” time. If you’re the kind of person who likes to know what goes on “under the hood” these will explain the ins and outs of the system.

If you prefer to read these kind of details rather than listen to them, there’s a booklet (called “Raise Your Vibration”) that contains transcripts of both CDs. I found this booklet useful to flick through to find things I’d not fully understood or that my mind suddenly decided were a sticking point (which happens to me quite a lot – maybe it’s my mind’s way of resisting change).

A third CD contains two guided core energy meditations. These are the hub of the course and if you’re impatient to start, chances are that you’ll start here.

The first guided meditation lasts 20 minutes. I know that a lot of people find they’re short of time, so this is an ideal duration. Most people can find twenty minutes somewhere in their schedule. Maybe just after waking or when you get back home from work or just before you go to sleep. Whatever time works best for you is good for this.

The second guided meditation is longer at 40 minutes. It’s not essential to use this version but Kevin says that if you can spare the time to listen to it regularly, your results will happen quicker and you’ll get deeper results faster.

Either option will work. Or you may prefer to use the shorter meditation on busy weekdays and keep the longer version for those days where you’ve got more time on your hands.

The instruction audio and booklet give you plenty of help to carry out the meditations and make sure you’re doing things “correctly”.

Talking with people who have tried various meditation systems I find that this is a continuing theme, even though almost all you need to do is listen to a guided meditation on a regular basis without being interrupted. But the guide gives you lots of help and reassurance if you need it.

The other thing that’s really simple is the daily practice log.

This seems really obvious – it’s just a place for you to keep a note of when you meditated, how long you meditated for and what (if anything) you experienced during the session.

The log has enough space for a month’s worth of meditating. Because it takes us at least two weeks to form a habit, it’s really useful to have this. Keep it out somewhere obvious so that it acts as a trigger for you to meditate. And a quiet nagger for those days when you don’t remember to put on your headphones for 20 minutes.

You get the option to either download all the audios or have them sent to you on CD as well. If you opt for the physical CDs to be sent to you, you’ll also be given instant access to the downloads so that you can start using the guided meditations immediately.

Overall Verdict

The two guided meditations are top quality.

Core Energy Meditation recognizes that most of us are pressed for time and addresses this with the 20 minute guided meditation.

If you’ve been struggling to fit meditation into your life due to time constraints, this system will be of benefit to you.

Click here to get Core Energy Meditation.