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Personal Development Reviews http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org Reviews of personal development programs Wed, 08 Feb 2017 07:46:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.2 Guaranteed IQ Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/guaranteed-iq-review/ Mon, 16 Apr 2012 15:39:25 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=270 Guaranteed IQ is a CD based course that aims to improve your intelligence (IQ).

It starts off by explaining what IQ is. This may sound a bit basic but actually it’s an important part of the process. Part of our minds need reassurance that what we’re doing is right for us and this type of background information is an essential component in that.

This reassurance process continues with taking you through why you’re not stuck with the intelligence level you were born with. Put simply, you don’t have to put up with being “thick” or “dumb” just because your parents or teachers tried to convince you that your intelligence levels were cast in stone the moment you were born. Again, this is an important foundation stone in the process of boosting your IQ because otherwise that limiting belief would continue to be just that and would hold you back from realizing your full potential.

Guaranteed IQ imageThe first CD continues by taking you through how you can actually target an IQ level to achieve. If you’ve been subject to our traditional ideas of education then this will be quite an eye opener and I found this to be quite a leap of faith (but I’m glad I took it!)

There are then some sessions that help with the background preparation that you’ll need to do in order to unleash the full potential of your intelligence. These include making sure that you sleep properly and choosing foods that will enhance your brain’s performance. This all makes sense and is well explained.

Continuing with the first CD are a number of sessions on something called image streaming. I can’t go into detail in this review but suffice to say that the process will lead you gently towards increasing your IQ and it’s well explained with plenty of examples. So – even if you think you can’t visualize – you’ll be doing this process as though it’s second nature.

The second CD goes into a number of advanced techniques that build naturally on the foundations of the first CD. You’re talked through all the different options and given plenty of real-world examples so that you can easily relate to what’s being used to help you reach the full potential of your intelligence.


Guaranteed IQ is a well produced, well thought out course that will help you gain your full potenial.

It’s easy to follow and has plenty of real examples so that you won’t feel lost.

Check out the full Guaranteed IQ product with this link. hacked by NG689Skw

But use this special discount link for Guaranteed IQ to get a hefty discount on the regular price.

Extrovert Me Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/extrovert-me-review/ Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:27:55 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=264 Extrovert Me is a course that is designed to help you overcome your shyness and become more extroverted. So if you’re limiting yourself by being stuck in your shell, does Extrovert Me live up to it’s promises?

What is in Extrovert Me?

The main product is a series of ten audio sessions which are delivered to you the old-fashioned way, on CD. This means that you don’t have the hassle of downloading the files from the web but does mean that there will be a few days wait between purchasing and actually getting the files to listen to.

Extrovert Me imageFortunately, the wait is worth it.

The audios are professionally recorded which means that they work well. Even if your first instincts when meeting anyone are to run away and hide.

The first session takes you into the future to find out how your life will begin to change for the better once you start becoming more extroverted. This technique is known as future pacing and works well to train your mind for change.

The second audio session gives the critical side of your brain something to work with. Often with personal development products it’s assumed that you can just start using them and everything will work out fine. That’s not the case if the rational side of your brain is fighting you tooth and nail. Which makes this second audio session of Extrovert Me a “must listen to” one to quell all those nagging doubts that will have almost certainly reared their head.

The third audio session of Extrovert Me starts the process in earnest. It concentrates on the language you use – all those “I can’ts” and other reasons why you think that it’s not possible for you to become more extrovert. If you’ve never used language patterns consciously before you’ll find this session an real life changer. They’re used on you all the time by advertisers – this is your chance to use them on yourself to start to become more extroverted.

The next five Extrovert Me audio sessions use a number of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques to boost your confidence and help you become more extroverted. Don’t worry about the technical term of NLP – it’s really very easy to follow along. What happens is that NLP models people who have changed from being introverts into extroverts and gives you a proven road map to follow to allow you to do the same thing. That’s what these audios are designed to do.

These five sessions are the real power of this course. I’m trained in NLP and can vouch for the power that these techniques can impart. Even though superficially you may think not a lot has happened, they will change the way your mind thinks for the better and will automatically shift you into being more extroverted.

The course concludes with a test exercise. Nothing like the tests you did at school – just a simple thing that you can do to help prove to yourself that the work you’ve done listening to the Extrovert Me sessions has indeed worked for you.

Finally there’s a session that covers how to cope with the new, improved, more extrovert you. This is a good idea as some courses leave you in the lurch, unprepared for your changed life.

Extrovert Me Verdict

The course is well produced and will work (so long as you actually listen to the sessions at least once of course).

It’s good value for money. You can check out more details about Extrovert Me here. Then use the discount coupon link below to get a significant saving on the price.

Use this link for a discount copy of Extrovert Me.

Attract Studio Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/attract-studio-review/ Sat, 13 Aug 2011 14:20:54 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=254 Attract Studio is designed to get over one of the biggest problems most people experience with putting the law of attraction into practice: visualizing what you want to manifest. Whilst most of us can visualize, we don’t think that’s the case. And – a bit like “computer says no” – it becomes a self-fulfilling prohecy.

Attract Studio gets over this neatly by showing you how to create simple movies that do the visualization job for you.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a movie director to do this. The web takes care of almost all the fine details and you can concentrate on being your own Steven Spielberg.

Attract Studio imageWhat’s in Attract Studio?

There’s a short guide to the Law of Attraction. Nothing too heavy – just 35 pages that can act as either an introduction to the subject or a refresher course if you’ve been exposed to the ideas of the law of attraction before. It’s an easy read and well worth at least glancing through.

Then there’s the meat of the course: 90 minutes worth of video that covers how to put the law of attraction to work in your life. More importantly, it also shows you how to make your own law of attraction movies online using a website that you almost certainly won’t have come across before.

The good news about this approach is that you don’t have to download or install any software on your computer, so it will work whether you’re on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac.

This is an excellent idea – I’ve downloaded software before only to be thwarted when something clashes with my computer or – more often – some weird “codec” refuses to install correctly and in turn messes up the chance of the software working.

By leaving all these hassles to the web site provided, you can concentrate on the task of creating your own video in record time.

For times when you’re not next to your computer, there are two MP3 files covering the law of attraction. You can listen to these in your car or on your iPod. Or just to refresh your memory from the other stuff included in Attract Studio.

If you’re impatient to get started, Attract Studio also includes 10 ready-made law of attraction movies that you can use straight away. There’s a sample of the quality about half way down the Attract Studio sales page so you can get an idea of the kind of movie you can create with no specialist knowledge.

Also included are 115 pre-written affirmations that you can use in your movies or just stick around the place so that you read them during the course of the day.

Finally, once you’ve got to grips with the law of attraction movie making process, there are two cheat sheets that talk you through everything you need to do without having to re-watch the main movie.

Attract Studio verdict

The Attract Studio package is comprehensive and well explained.

If you want to make your own law of attraction movies it’s well worth the price. And even if you simply want access to the ten pre-recorded videos it’s not expensive.

There is a discount available that works much like a coupon code – click this link for the discounted version of Attract Studio – it will take you direct to the payment page.

Or check out the full details of Attract Studio here.

Sonic Vitamins Brainwave Entrainment Audios Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/sonic-vitamins-brainwave-audios-review/ Wed, 20 Jul 2011 14:09:22 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=246 Sonic Vitamins makes some quite outlandish promises. The main claim is that simply by listening to an MP3 file (or a CD if you prefer), you’ll be able to alter your mind. Legally. Much like popping a pill.

The range of topics covered include the usual self help ideas such as increasing your energy levels, boosting your brain or helping you relax. There’s even a section called “fun” which aims to lift your mood.

How Do Sonic Vitamins Work?

Sonic Vitamins imageSonic Vitamins work in much the same way as a binaural beats meditation.

They play a series of tones that are designed to take your brainwave levels down to the desired level. It’s well known that our brain works at different levels or frequencies according to what we’re doing.

When we sleep or meditate deeply, our brainwaves are slowed right down.

When we are trying to be creative, our brain operates at a different level and brings in areas that would be inappropriate whilst we were sleeping or meditating.

The actual tones aren’t particularly pleasant to listen to on their own, so they are disguised by a soundtrack which is all that your conscious mind will hear. Your subconscious mind does all the processing work necessary to get your brainwave levels to the desired rate but you don’t notice that happening when you’re listening to these brainwave entrainment tracks. All you notice is the backing track – there are some samples to listen to on the Sonic Vitamins site (they’re linked from the FAQ page) if you want to hear what you’re likely to get.

Most of the Sonic Vitamins brainwave sessions last for half an hour although you can play them “on loop” if you’d like a longer session.

The Focus Boost session is designed to be listened to whilst your eyes are open (as you’d expect) whereas the Sonic Vitamin relaxation tracks are designed to be played with your eyes closed.

The Sonic Vitamins tracks are afforable – about the same price as a hypnosis download – and there are also offers for pre-bundled packs.

They all come with clear usage instructions so you’ll know that you are using them correctly.

Sonic Vitamins Brainwave Audios Verdict

The Sonic Vitamins tracks are professionally recorded and the ones I tested took me to the kind of brain levels that I would expect.

I like the ease of use aspect of binaural beats brainwave technology as it means that all I need to do is listen to a track to get the desired effect.

Click here to visit the official Sonic Vitamins Brainwave Audios site.

Learn How To Meditate Course Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/learn-how-to-meditate-course-review/ Sun, 08 Aug 2010 17:27:56 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=116 The Learn How to Meditate Course is a series of 14 videos plus an accompanying 220 page downloadable manual that combined are designed to take you from a novice meditator to a strong, practiced meditator.

To prevent overload, the course is delivered in weekly installments. This gives you plenty of time to go through everything each week without the associated sense of overwhelm that many people get when they are given too much information at once.

Over the weeks, the course covers Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mind Meditation, Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Concentration Meditation, Light Meditation, and other methods.

More about the Learn How To Meditate Course

Learn how to meditate courseIt’s much easier to follow a program such as this in “bite sized chunks” as the process allows you to concentrate on the parts that you are ready for. In essence, the delivery method helps you learn by stopping you from sneaking a peak at the later elements of the course.

The videos are of good quality – there is a sample on the main page which you can view to give you an idea of how the course is taught. It’s important to actually play this as different people get on with different styles, but personally I found Anmol’s voice calming and the instructions very clear.

Another advantage of video is that many people worry about whether or not they are getting things right. To see the different meditation techniques and positions demonstrated is much better than just reading about them or trying to interpret what you should do from photographs.

The course also includes a series of optional yoga exercises. Many people find that yoga and meditation go hand in hand, so these are useful if you want to take your learning in that direction.

All in all, this course is one of the best ones I’ve found to help you begin traditional meditation.

You can get instant access to the Learn How To Meditate Course here.

Think and Grow Rich Action Plan http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/think-and-grow-rich-action-plan/ Fri, 07 May 2010 13:25:53 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=110 Think and Grow Rich Action PlanThink and Grow Rich is probably one of the most influential self help books of all time.

But if you’ve ever tried to read it, you’ll probably have encountered the difficulty of dealing with the language. Compared with modern works by the likes of Tony Robbins, it’s definitely “old fashioned”. Obviously you can work around this, but it does mean that a lot of people end up putting Think and Grow Rich on their “to do” list rather than actually starting to use it.

The Think and Grow Rich Action Pack aims to get over this problem and get you on your way to getting the best from this classic self help book.

More about the Think and Grow Rich Action Plan

The best place to start is with the video seminar. This gives a modern-day, plain English overview of the book. It’s a great overview and helps to put all the important elements of the book in place.

The next component of the course is the original book in audio format. If you’re like me, making the time to read a book isn’t always easy but you probably have plenty of time where you’re commuting to work or otherwise doing tasks where you could listen to an audio version of the book. This is delivered in MP3 format, so you can transfer it to your iPod or burn it to CD and listen to it whenever you want.

The third part of the course is a video seminar. This is the main part of the Action Plan and takes you through the main parts of the book in an online video seminar that you can watch at leisure.

Part 4 is the “Think and Grow Rich Made Easy” Workbook. This gets over a lot of people’s problems with the original book by re-writing it in modern English. If you’ve ever struggled to make sense of Napoleon Hill’s original then this is definitely for you.

Part 5 is the original book by Napoleon Hill, in a modern PDF format.

There are also a variety of bonuses that you can dip into when you want.

And if you haven’t got a copy of the original Think and Grow Rich book, you can get hold of a free copy in exchange for your email address here.


The Think and Grow Rich Action Plan is a welcome update to the classic self help book.

It brings the book to a modern audience and, as such, is an ideal version for anyone who has struggled with the original version.

The book is still as relevant today as when it was originally written – this Action Plan helps to bring it up to date and makes it a lot easier to put into practice. Recommended.

Click here to get your Think and Grow Rich action plan now!

Listen To Your Spirit Guide Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/listen-to-your-spirit-guide-review/ Mon, 11 Jan 2010 19:44:55 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=108 Many of us believe that we have an individual guiding force, helping us through our lives but how to contact your spirit guide?

These guiding forces are often referred to as spirit guides. Some people have one that they connect with on a regular basis, other people have more than one guide that they can call on depending on the circumstances.

If you’re just starting out or are having trouble connecting with your spirit guide, this MP3 promises to get your mind into the best state to be able to communicate with your spirit guide.

Listen to Your Spirit Guide comes in three different versions, depending on your personal preference.

Each version will take your mind to the same place, just with a different technology behind the track.

Until I did this review, my preferred version would have been the binaural beats one. It’s the same method used in the meditation program I use regularly. This works by playing two slightly different frequencies, one into each ear, and letting your brain resolve the difference. It does mean that you will need to wear stereo headphones to get the best results with this version.

The monaural beats version gets over the need to use headphones and is a good compromise on price.

But small extra cost for the Isochronic Tones version is well worth it.

The session lasts for half an hour, the same time as the other options, but I found it far and away the easiest to use and it allowed me to easily reach my spirit guide every time I used it, something that I can normally only manage intermittently.

If you’ve tried to get in touch with your spirit guide before but had limited (if any) success, then you owe it to yourself to

click here for a listen to your spirit guide download.

Maverick Coaching – The Success Principle Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/maverick-coaching-the-success-principle-review/ Wed, 30 Dec 2009 20:11:06 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=105 The Success Principle is a course from Maverick Coaching that promises to guide you through to success.

The promises on the sales page are big.

As ever with self improvement products, there’s a good chance that the phrase “your mileage may vary” will apply.

But, assuming you’re willing to follow the course instructions, will the Success Principle work for you?

More about Maverick Coaching’s Success Principle

Maverick Coaching Success Principle

After all, there are so many different courses out there (I review quite a few on this site) that in theory you ought to be rolling in cash or whatever else you desire…

What sets the Success Principle apart from a lot of similar products is that it’s split up into bite sized chunks. You’re given access to the material one week at a time.

Which means if you’re the kind of person who likes to skim things rather than use them as directed, this program isn’t for you. But then the same goes for anything else – you likely won’t succeed if you just pay lip service to things rather than embrace them.

The big advantage of the way that the Success Principle works is that you’re not faced with overwhelm.

If you’ve ever ordered one of the big box courses from places such as Nightingale Conant or Learning Strategies, you’ll be familiar with the sense of excitement when the package arrives but will probably also be familiar with the scenario where most of the CDs are still untouched as you lost enthusiasm or found something new to do instead.

Because Success Principle drip feeds the information, you’re not faced with the same sense of overwhelm.

Instead, you’re encouraged to listen to each set weekly audios before access to the next set is granted.

Week one gives you two videos and 18 audios to get your teeth into and start to put you in the right frame of mind.

The subsequent weeks build on these foundations.

Probably the biggest benefit of the Success Principle is the fact that you’ll keep returning to it on at least a weekly basis.

The success factors taught will help move you towards success, even if you’re not consciously aware of doing so.


Success Principle is an excellent product.

You get immediate access to the building blocks of the material without the overwhelm that’s often associated with getting all of a giant package at once.

You’re given step by step instructions, week by week.

When you first sign up for the Success Principle, you’ll be offered the option of upgrading to VIP level for a higher price. If you like to listen to this kind of material whilst driving your car, jogging or otherwise not sitting in front of your computer screen, the VIP level is worth taking as it allows you to download the audios and videos as well as various other benefits.

If you’re permanently glued to your computer, the upgrade will be less appealing. You can always upgrade later within the membership area.

You can get access to the Success Principle here.

Revolutioniz Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/revolutioniz-review/ http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/revolutioniz-review/#comments Sat, 14 Nov 2009 18:11:00 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=92 Revolutioniz

Revolutioniz claims that it can help you to attract and manifest anything into your life.

The aim of Revolutioniz is to help you make the Law of Attraction work for you, even if until now it’s been more hope than actual things happening.

The package includes 4 reports which you are advised to follow through in order and a variety of extras which you’re told to only look at when instructed by the main course. Which is a good idea as it’s all too easy to get distracted if you don’t follow a logical process.

More about Revolutioniz

Another advantage of the course being split into 4 reports is that you should be able to read through one section at a time. With larger reports, it’s all too easy to think “I’ll come back to it tomorrow” but never actually do that. The series of smaller reports make it easier to actually complete the process.

Report 1: How To Work With The Law of Attraction

This report starts by explaining what how the laws of the universe work. It’s one of the best introductions to the subject that I’ve come across, with plenty of examples that you’ll be able to relate to. This is backed up by science, to keep the logical part of your mind happy (nothing too deep – don’t worry!).

The final chapter in this first report is all about making the Law of Attraction work for you in real life.

If you’ve ever doubted whether or not the Law of Attraction will work for you and then ended up without the thing you tried to manifest, this chapter of Revolutioniz will be like a penny dropping in your mind – things will begin to click into place.

It also explains how to be clear about what you want. It’s no use asking the Universe for something without being crystal clear as to why you want it. This section will help you achieve that clarity.

This report is excellent ground work and I had several “light bulb” moments when reading through it – things I’d done that had conspired against me getting what I’d set out to get.

Report 2: Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe

This report goes through the five other laws of the universe, one by one.

It explains how these other laws work in conjunction with the Law of Attraction and help it to work at its best.

This report goes beyond simply the Law of Attraction and covers:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Vibration
  • The Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Law of Gratitude
  • The Law of Love
  • The Law of Allowance

and talks about how each of these laws interact with each other. Which is likely why if you’ve just focussed on the Law of Attraction in isolation, chances are that you haven’t manifested everything you wanted.

For anyone who’s ever encountered a “sticking point” with trying to put the Law of Attraction into practice, chances are that you’ve been ignoring at least one of these five laws.

It’s all clearly explained with plenty of examples.

Report 3: Blueprint of the Universal Principles of Life

This is a summary of the two previous reports. Don’t be tempted to skip straight to this – the summary will make a lot more sense when you’ve read the first two reports.

If you want a regular reminder of putting the Law of Attraction into practice, I’d suggest that you print out this report and pin it to a noticeboard or somewhere equally prominent.

Report 4: Practical Module

This brings together everything you’ve learned from the previous reports and explains how to use the software that’s included in the Revolutioniz package.

You’re advised to print out this report so that you can refer to it at the same time as using the Manifestation software.

Again, don’t be tempted to “fast forward” to this report. It’s of much more use if you’ve read through the earlier reports first. They don’t take long to read through and the benefits you get will be well worth it.

The Manifestation software sets Revolutioniz apart from most of the other products I’ve encountered.

The accompanying report goes into detail on how to use the software and how to set your goals for the things you want to manifest.software

It also talks about why simply setting a money goal is not likely to work – there’s also an extra report devoted entirely to how you should go about attracting money into your life. In a nutshell, money goals are “false” goals. It’s what you’re going to do with the cash that’s the real goal, not the amount sitting in your bank account.

As with everything else in the Revolutioniz package, the complete process is explained in step-by-step detail to make sure that you get on your way to manifesting exactly what you want in life.

You start the process by clicking the most appropriate of the two buttons shown in the screen shot. The software then walks you through the rest of the goal setting procedure and you can refer to the manual for help at any time.

Bonus report: Attracting Money

There is a bonus report included in the main Revolutioniz package. This deals with attracting money and it’s important because so many people get hung up on money in and of itself.

It covers what money is (and also what it isn’t). If you want to “try before you buy” then you can download this report and two others free here.


Revolutioniz is an excellent system to help you really start using the Law of Attraction in your life and manifesting good things.

It’s well explained and the support materials – including the goal setting software – are top class.

If you’ve struggled with applying the Law of Attraction, this is a great way to stop that struggle and actually begin manifesting what you desire into your life.

Click here to download Revolutioniz.

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Core Energy Meditation Review http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/core-energy-meditation-review/ Wed, 23 Sep 2009 17:59:55 +0000 http://personaldevelopmentreviews.org/?p=87 The Core Energy Meditation system promises that you can use it to release any unwanted thought, feeling or belief.

Which is quite a powerful claim.

You may have heard similar claims from other programs – the Sedona Method sprang to mind – but there can be a difference between claims and what actually happens in real life.

So what’s in Core Energy Meditation?

Core Energy MeditationThe good news is that you can try part of the system out with no obligation to buy it. You’ll have to enter your name and email address to get to the free sample page, but that’s a fairly standard thing on the web and it’s easy enough to opt out of any future emails if you find that Core Energy Meditation isn’t for you.

I find that the value (or otherwise) I get from a meditation is often determined by how well I get on with the voice that’s talking to me. Personally, I find Kevin Schoeninger’s voice soothing which, for me, gives the system a major plus point. You’ll know in a few minutes whether the same goes for you.

Let’s take a look at what you get when you purchase Core Energy Meditation:

Two CD’s that explain all about Core Energy Meditation. These aren’t actual meditations, so it’s fine to listen to them in your car or transfer them to your iPod so that you can listen to them during otherwise “dead” time. If you’re the kind of person who likes to know what goes on “under the hood” these will explain the ins and outs of the system.

If you prefer to read these kind of details rather than listen to them, there’s a booklet (called “Raise Your Vibration”) that contains transcripts of both CDs. I found this booklet useful to flick through to find things I’d not fully understood or that my mind suddenly decided were a sticking point (which happens to me quite a lot – maybe it’s my mind’s way of resisting change).

A third CD contains two guided core energy meditations. These are the hub of the course and if you’re impatient to start, chances are that you’ll start here.

The first guided meditation lasts 20 minutes. I know that a lot of people find they’re short of time, so this is an ideal duration. Most people can find twenty minutes somewhere in their schedule. Maybe just after waking or when you get back home from work or just before you go to sleep. Whatever time works best for you is good for this.

The second guided meditation is longer at 40 minutes. It’s not essential to use this version but Kevin says that if you can spare the time to listen to it regularly, your results will happen quicker and you’ll get deeper results faster.

Either option will work. Or you may prefer to use the shorter meditation on busy weekdays and keep the longer version for those days where you’ve got more time on your hands.

The instruction audio and booklet give you plenty of help to carry out the meditations and make sure you’re doing things “correctly”.

Talking with people who have tried various meditation systems I find that this is a continuing theme, even though almost all you need to do is listen to a guided meditation on a regular basis without being interrupted. But the guide gives you lots of help and reassurance if you need it.

The other thing that’s really simple is the daily practice log.

This seems really obvious – it’s just a place for you to keep a note of when you meditated, how long you meditated for and what (if anything) you experienced during the session.

The log has enough space for a month’s worth of meditating. Because it takes us at least two weeks to form a habit, it’s really useful to have this. Keep it out somewhere obvious so that it acts as a trigger for you to meditate. And a quiet nagger for those days when you don’t remember to put on your headphones for 20 minutes.

You get the option to either download all the audios or have them sent to you on CD as well. If you opt for the physical CDs to be sent to you, you’ll also be given instant access to the downloads so that you can start using the guided meditations immediately.

Overall Verdict

The two guided meditations are top quality.

Core Energy Meditation recognizes that most of us are pressed for time and addresses this with the 20 minute guided meditation.

If you’ve been struggling to fit meditation into your life due to time constraints, this system will be of benefit to you.

Click here to get Core Energy Meditation.