Learn How To Meditate Course Review

The Learn How to Meditate Course is a series of 14 videos plus an accompanying 220 page downloadable manual that combined are designed to take you from a novice meditator to a strong, practiced meditator.

To prevent overload, the course is delivered in weekly installments. This gives you plenty of time to go through everything each week without the associated sense of overwhelm that many people get when they are given too much information at once.

Over the weeks, the course covers Zen Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Mind Meditation, Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Concentration Meditation, Light Meditation, and other methods.

More about the Learn How To Meditate Course

Learn how to meditate courseIt’s much easier to follow a program such as this in “bite sized chunks” as the process allows you to concentrate on the parts that you are ready for. In essence, the delivery method helps you learn by stopping you from sneaking a peak at the later elements of the course.

The videos are of good quality – there is a sample on the main page which you can view to give you an idea of how the course is taught. It’s important to actually play this as different people get on with different styles, but personally I found Anmol’s voice calming and the instructions very clear.

Another advantage of video is that many people worry about whether or not they are getting things right. To see the different meditation techniques and positions demonstrated is much better than just reading about them or trying to interpret what you should do from photographs.

The course also includes a series of optional yoga exercises. Many people find that yoga and meditation go hand in hand, so these are useful if you want to take your learning in that direction.

All in all, this course is one of the best ones I’ve found to help you begin traditional meditation.

You can get instant access to the Learn How To Meditate Course here.