Meditation Program Review

The Meditation Program is a set of audios created by brainwave expert Hale Carlton.

It’s offered as a set of CDs or MP3 downloads. You should only go for the downloadable version if you are on a fast, unmetered broadband connection as the total download is just short of a gigabyte of files.

The program consists of 8 pre-recorded meditations. You are told to listen to these progressively as each one builds on the previous meditation. The aim is to listen to each track daily for at least a week before moving on to the next, deeper, level.

Meditation Program ClaimsMeditation Program

1. You can meditate deeper than a Zen monk in just 5 minutes.

Having never met a Zen monk, I can’t verify this claim but listening to the CDs certainly takes me to a deep meditative state quickly and with no effort on my part.

2. It doesn’t take years of practice

Agreed. The process is as simple as putting on a set of stereo headphones, sitting or laying down and pressing ‘Play’.

3. Beats Centerpointe and Monroe Institute

Agreed. Centerpointe is the brand leader in the field of meditation combined with binaural beats.
But their program is very expensive and takes years to complete as you drop through the multitude of levels, taking between six and twelve months per level. The Meditation Program can be completed in 8 weeks or so. The only thing you don’t get is the personalized affirmations offered on deeper levels of Centerpointe.

4. One Year Guarantee

This is the same length of guarantee that Centerpointe offer. The company selling the Meditation Program are long established, so the guarantee will be honored if you decide to take them up on it.

Meditation Program quotes

“…The backing sounds are more varied. There’s music swirling around. And the music changes after levels 1 and 2 to something different on 3 and 4. So you won’t get bored…”

“…In my experience, it BEATS Holosync and the Monroe Institute EASILY…”

Meditation Program summary

You get a set of 8 meditation MP3s with binaural beats and music. These take you down through the various brainwave levels including Alpha, Theta and Delta states.

Full backup support if needed. You can contact their helpline for support in your meditation whenever you want.

Bonus gifts – these vary but typically include meditation hypnosis sessions and related downloadable books.

Meditation Program verdict

5 Stars. Highly recommended.

An order of magnitude cheaper than the main competition, at least as powerful, much quicker.

Check the official Meditation Program site here.