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Photo Reading

Photo Reading

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You’ve probably heard of speed reading, where people learn to read at the rate of hundreds of words a minute whilst still being able to comprehend what they’ve read but photo reading is even faster!

Photoreading is like speed reading on steroids. The course claims that you will be able to read up to 25,000 words a minute. You can learn the photo reading technique either from a book or an audio course. My preferred method is the audio course – there’s no flicking back and forth in the book at the same time as you’re endeavoring to learn how to photoread.

The photoreading course teaches you how to read a book as fast as you can turn the pages. When I tried it, my “reading” speed went up dramatically yet, as claimed, I comprehended at least as much of the book as I had by reading at normal speeds.

If you need to read and comprehend things like text books, academic books and manuals, then

Photo reading is highly recommended.

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  1. Nini Says:

    I’m still quite skeptical about this.

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