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You’ve probably heard of speed reading, where people learn to read at the rate of hundreds of words a minute whilst still being able to comprehend what they’ve read but photo reading is even faster!

Photoreading is like speed reading on steroids. The course claims that you will be able to read up to 25,000 words a minute. You can learn the photo reading technique either from a book or an audio course. My preferred method is the audio course – there’s no flicking back and forth in the book at the same time as you’re endeavoring to learn how to photoread.

The photoreading course teaches you how to read a book as fast as you can turn the pages. When I tried it, my “reading” speed went up dramatically yet, as claimed, I comprehended at least as much of the book as I had by reading at normal speeds.

If you need to read and comprehend things like text books, academic books and manuals, then

Photo reading is highly recommended.

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  1. Nini Says:

    I’m still quite skeptical about this.

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  2. Sean Says:

    I, too, was quite skeptical of PhotoReading. That is until I took the time to research a little into it’s creator and business. A vast majority of what I found was not only positive, but exceptional! The creator (Paul Scheele) has been in self development his entire life. That’s the type of person (inventor of sorts) I’m looking for when some radical new idea comes to my attention.

    Anyway, I’m still working on mastering PhotoReading and having a blast in the process. The “25,000 words a minute” is hard to comprehend (even for myself still). Although, as an avid reader, I’m getting through (with total comprehension) about 5 books a week on average. That’s a huge lift to me. So much great history and literature out there … now, I can read about 3X as fast.

    He gives you a free cd when you go to his site on the course. Check it out … it’s well worth it in my book(ssssssss)!

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  3. RDW Says:

    I would like to know, aside from having a reference in your head you can look at, how does photoreading actually help you learn a new skill. Obviously a reference is nice for, lets say, college or university classes, but in the real world, I think you’d get a better learning experience actually reading and taking the time to apply what you know.

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  4. admin Says:

    I’ve found with photoreading that it helps me get an overview. How? I’m not totally sure. But then there are lots of things that lurk in the back of your mind and pop up when needed and for me, this seems to work in much the same way.