PowerPause Review

The PowerPause describes itself as a prequel to the Secret Law of Attraction.

It’s a book by John Harricharan and is told in story form. If you’ve read some of John’s other works, such as “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat”, then you’ll know his style of writing is captivating.

The main PowerPause book comes in both PDF and MP3 audio formats. So you can read it, listen to it online or download it so that you can play it on your iPod or in your car.

What’s with the PowerPause?

PowerpauseIt’s well worth reading or listening to as it helps to explain the reasoning behind the PowerPause technique itself and helps to put the ideas into context.

The idea of this story telling is much the same as Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. We learn much better when we discover things for ourselves rather then having the results spoon fed to us.

So even if you’re impatient to use the PowerPause, promise yourself to take the time out to actually read or listen to the book as well. You’ll find that doing this expands the benefit you’ll get from the PowerPause technique.

Of course, you can short-cut to the three minute technique. It will still be effective, but I’d definitely recommend checking out the main book as well – it covers a lot of the “things” that are likely to crop up when you first begin to use the Power Pause.

The main technique is covered in its own separate report, called the PowerPause Official Guide. Like the rest of the product, it’s available in both PDF and MP3 format, so you can use whichever format suits you best.

One of the things you may have noticed with any problems you encounter in life is that the more you focus on them, the deeper they become. Sure, you’ve probably read elsewhere that what we focus on is what we get. But it’s often easier said than done to stop focusing on a problem.

For instance, lots of people in the world at the moment are focusing on lack. Lack of money, lack of a job, all the other “lacks” that we concentrate on when the world economy dips.

Unfortunately, this focus concentrates our minds and deepens the problem. If all you’re thinking about is lack of money, you won’t be spending time on attracting more money into your life.

The same goes for illness and disease. The more we focus on health problems, the more they manifest as ill health. It’s like picking a spot – it’s always worse after we start picking it.

The other problem most of us experience is lack of time generally. Which is why the PowerPause only takes 3 minutes, start to finish.

Most everyone can spare 3 minutes out of their daily schedule. You probably spend more than that “just checking emails” (again!)

The program is realistic. It admits that you probably won’t get overnight results (I don’t know of any program like this that does). But when you regularly use the PowerPause system, you will definitely get results.

The system claims that the three steps of the PowerPause will solve any problem you’re currently experiencing.

So, is this claim valid?

In a word, yes. With the proviso that you actually take the time out to actually use the technique (but that applies to every technique!).

One of the problems with some of the most effective personal development techniques is that they’re maybe too simple for their own good.

We’ve been taught by product manufacturers to expect extra features in almost everything we buy.

So when something simple but useful comes along, we don’t expect it to be any good.

Which kind of makes you wonder if we’d reject the wheel if it was invented today. After all, it’s way too simple. And it works!

As Disney would have said, suspend your disbelief when you first come across the PowerPause.

As well as a discussion of the Power Pause, there’s also a “worked example”. So if you’re worried about money, you can follow this well-explained example of how you’d use the PowerPause to clear this issue and start on your way to getting rid of the feeling of lack. So you’ll get a

Just go with the process. Explore it as if you were a child again. And you’ll find that it works a treat.

You can get your own personal copy of the PowerPause here.