Quantum Cookbook Review: Using The Law of Attraction

If you’ve heard of the movie “The Secret” or read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” or investigated anything to do with the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that lots of different people are telling you that you can manifest anything you want into your life.

Whilst you may not currently believe everything these have to say, the chances are that you are indeed manifesting things into your life. Maybe not the things you think you want. But we’ll come on to how to change that.

Putting the law of attraction into practice:

There are lots of different methods that claim they can help you to manifest (or attract) items into your life. I’ve reviewed programs like Cosmic Ordering elsewhere, so you can check that out if you want to.

Quantum Cookbook claims to take a more scientific approach to the whole concept of manifestation.

And – an even bigger claim – it says it works every single time you use it.Quantum Cookbook: law of attraction

It takes a more scientific approach than most of the other techniques out there. So if the idea of placing an order with the cosmos and waiting for it to come back leaves you stone cold, this could fill the gap. The main report covers the science behind the principles, which helps keep the questioning side of your mind happy as it’s got the theory that underlies the practice.

Of course, the first thing you need to do to make your wishes and dreams come true is to actually work out what they should be.

You’ve probably heard the idea before that you need to know your destination before you can reach it. You may even have thought up some ideas that you want – more money, better health, a truly great relationship, that kind of thing.

The Quantum Cookbook helps you decide what these should be with laser-like precision.

As you might have guessed from the title, the report is based on quantum physics – that outwardly scary area of physics that deals with seemingly impossible things.

Fortunately, it doesn’t dwell heavily on the theoretical side. You’re given a simple to understand overview instead.

It doesn’t dwell on the complex equations that sit behind the idea that elements floating in the universe behave differently when they’re being watched. And if your eyes glazed over when you read that, don’t panic. You can safely skim over even these simple explanations.

Ok, so after this brief diversion, the report gets back to the crux of the matter. And the thing that may well have held you up in the past:

Asking the right questions.

These are likely to be more precise than the ones you’ve asked in the past. Or phrased differently, so that in turn the answers will be more precise.

You’re given lots of examples and help to make sure this (very important) part of the process is carried out well.

The process is two step one: ask a well phrased question and then answer it to the best of your ability.

There’s also another trick that most of us miss, most of the time. It’s all to do with how we approach everything in our lives and there’s a complete section devoted to dealing with this common problem.

The next section of the Quantum Cookbook goes through a series of reality checks.

We all have our own unique idea of our reality: this is a good set of questions to go through and actually answer. You might be surprised at how your current reality is at least partially responsible for holding you back and preventing you from getting the things you truly want from your life.

Next up is an explanation of the Law of Attraction. You may well experience a “penny dropping” moment when you read this clear explanation of how the law works and the best way to get it to deliver what you really want.

Because the law of attraction is always working for us, whether we consciously set out to attract something or not, this concise explanation will help you to ensure that you get the results you really want.

Sometimes, we only day dream about what we want to manifest into our lives. Which is fine, so long as we realize that day dreaming is very different from setting an intention for something to appear.

Quantum Cookbook goes into some depth about these differences. And, if you’re like me, you may well spot why certain things you’ve thought you were manifesting haven’t actually appeared.- because you haven’t been clear enough in your intentions.

After that, the book deals with the differences between manifesting and visualizing. If you’ve used any kind of manifestation technique before, you’ll know that they often ask you to visualize what you want to manifest into your life. For some people (or some things) this can be enough for the process to work.

But if you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of going through the visualization process only to have the object you’re trying to manifest stubbornly not appear, you’ll find out why this has happened. And, more importantly, how to get what you desire in the future.

The way this is explained shows how manifestation is an order of magnitude more powerful than visualization. Which in turn explains why the things you’ve so carefully visualized in the past haven’t always come to pass.

The Quantum Cookbook gives you a ten point checklist to make sure that your intended manifestations do actually manifest themselves.

It also goes into detail about the best times for you to manifest. As well as help to develop your own manifesting ritual so that it becomes part of your daily routine.

There’s also a section on what to check if the things you attempt to manifest don’t appear in your life as you intended. This is good – a lot of people I talk to get stuck on things and it’s useful to have a checklist to go through in case you’re unintentionally sabotaging your outcome.

Of course, a cookbook wouldn’t be complete without recipes!

Every manifestation you aim for needs the six basic ingredients that are covered in detail. This works the same way as following a cooking recipe: do everything that’s covered and the result is pretty much guaranteed.

Once you’re confident with the recipe you’re given, a later section shows you how to create your own recipes, complete with a “fill in the blanks” recipe sheet.

If you’re still not 100% sure what you want by this stage of the book, that’s fine. The authors have anticipated this and there is a chapter to help you refine the things you want to manifest so that you can be as precise as possible in your manifestation requests.

The book also explains why it is really important to focus on your desires, not what you don’t want.

If you’ve ever talked to someone who is overweight, you’ll have seen this in practice. They’ll go on and on about how they can’t lose their unwanted body weight.

Likewise with those miserable people who seem to perversely enjoy moaning about the things that are lacking from their life.

You’re taught how to avoid these easy-to-make mistakes. And how to reword anything negative that you’re currently stuck on.

The Quantum Cookbook also covers what you need to do once you’ve placed your manifestation request and how to trust that the universe will deliver what you’ve asked for.

If you’re after a quick start with your manifesting, there is a complete chapter with “recipes” for getting a new job, a new car, losing weight, attracting more money into your life, getting a new house, a perfect relationship and reducing your stress levels.

As well as the main Quantum Cookbook, there are four interviews with people you may recognize from “The Secret”:

  • Fred Alan Wolf
  • Hale Dwoskin
  • James Arthur Ray
  • Joe Vitale

These are well worth listening to as they give lots of insights into how these people really made The Secret work for them.

If you’re in a rush to put the Quantum Cookbook into practice, you’ll probably turn to the second CD in the package.

This contains a half hour audio condensed version of the main book, followed by a complete guided manifestation session.

This session is probably the easiest way to make sure that you’re manifesting correctly. All you need to do is play it and follow along.

Overall verdict

Quantum Cookbook is a thorough, well produced product.

You get the main book together with a quick start audio version. There are also interviews with four of the stars of “The Secret” and a complete, ready-to-listen-to manifestation session.

If you’ve tried to manifest things into your life before but not succeeded, the Quantum Cookbook is an excellent way to address that.

You can get hold of your own copy of the Quantum Cookbook here.

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  1. Thank you for that cookbook. It is always wonderful to see that there are so much ways to be productive and things to outgrew with especially in thinking growing richer. I myself have been trying to find out ways how to be one.

  2. I just want to know, have any of you tried this and has it worked for you to manifest what you wanted?

  3. Similar to The Secret but more practical. Personally I find The Secret a bit too abstract. Quantum Cookbook gives lots of help on actually manifesting stuff.

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