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Relaxing Music Downloads promises downloads of thousands of relaxing music tracks for you to download, save onto your iPod or burn to CD.

In practice, when you join up there are around 50 tracks available to download at any given time. When I asked, they said that they update the tracks regularly.

The search shown on the sales pitch page either doesn’t exist in the members area or I couldn’t find it.Relaxing music downloads

That said, the tracks that are available from Relaxing Music Downloads are good quality and even with the lower number of downloads available at any given time, you’d be hard pressed to get similar tracks for less than $1 each.

Click here to get relaxing music downloads.

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4 Responses to “Relaxing Music Downloads”

  1. Reza Says:

    I am looking for free relaxing music

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  2. admin Says:

    Hi Reza

    There will be sites that offer free relaxing music – usually as samples. Search for that phrase but put quote marks round it like this: “free relaxing music” so that the search engines know that all those words need to be together on the page.


      • Maria Says:

        Today with mp3s on iTunes music is getting priced better and you don’t have to pay 28 bucks anymore …. thats allways a good thing

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      • igor Says:

        it is good

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