Silva UltraMind ESP System Review

Jose Silva was a pioneer in mind control and developed a “mental video technique” aimed at allowing you to make the right decisions and you can get access to this with the Silva UltraMind ESP system.

The idea is that you will develop your intuition and start to make the correct decision the first time round, rather than the trial and error methods we so often use.

Silva Ultramind ESP SystemAt school and at work, we have a structured process to follow. We may not always agree with it, but it’s there. But elsewhere in our lives, such as relationships, there is no such rule book. It’s this important area that the Silva Ultramind method aims to address by helping you develop your intuition.

The course follows the same format as if you attended a live seminar. The main difference is that you can listen to Jose Silva himself deliver the seminar. Also there’s the advantage that instead of traveling to the seminar, you’ll get the complete seminar as a set of downloadable MP3 files. This also means that you can replay the audios as often as you want to.

The Ultramind system revolves around developing your own effective sensory projection (ESP) skills.

Silva investigated what the brain was doing and how slow or fast it was working when different things happened. He found that ESP functioned best when the brain was working at a slower frequency.

Once the brainwave frequencies were identified, the next step was to recreate these frequencies at will, rather than just letting them happen whilst we sleep.

Silva explains the differences between his model and others, such as hypnosis and meditation. The Ultramind system works at higher levels than these other methods, which allows you to ask questions and deduce the answers to them with full awareness, rather than simply take information on board.

The system was designed to cut down the level of stress you’re experiencing and protect your immune system from the problems that stress creates.

Jose Silva describes his process as learning to use your subconscious consciously.

After the introductory session, it’s the part you’ve probably been waiting for: doing the actual exercises.

The Silva method assigns a number to each of the three different states you want to achieve. Once you’ve practiced these a few times, you’re able to just think of the appropriate number and reach the desired state almost instantly. This takes a bit of practice but is well worth it.

You’re also told the best times to practice. These sessions take between 5 and 15 minutes each, depending on how much time you can spare on any given day.

There are lots of times in our lives when we’d like to be able to apply a self-help technique but “haven’t got the time”. After all, reaching a state of deep relaxation with meditation or hypnosis may be fast but most definitely isn’t instant.

With the Silva method, these states can be reached near enough instantly. Once you’ve learned what to do, you can reach the desired state in the time it takes you to count to three. Try doing that with meditation!

The audios then go on to describe how Jose Silva’s daughter developed ESP and could use her remote viewing skills to reveal details about things that neither knew about. These skills were rejected by the scientific community as they weren’t tested. Silva took a batch of 39 other people and trained them in the skill of ESP.

The Silva method goes even further and allows you to experience what it feels like to be a piece of steel or a leaf on a tree. You’re taken through these sessions during the downloads.

The audios then go on to explain how you can use these skills to detect information anywhere in the world. Which means that you can go on to benefit from other people’s experiences and also learn from other people’s mistakes.

This sounds rather mind boggling at first.

But it’s all explained clearly and succinctly, using an excellent analogy of computer generated information – much like the web page you’re reading now. This is probably the clearest explanation I’ve heard of how these different-dimension communications work.

The course then introduces the “mental video” technique. This is a simple way of solving any problem you may encounter. As with everything else in the course, it’s well explained. So even if the idea of running a video inside your head is daunting – for instance, if you “can’t visualize” – by the end of the explanation you’ll be thinking that it’s easy and maybe kicking yourself for not thinking of this method before.

There’s also a very good explanation about why we don’t always get the things we think we desire and how to tweak what you’re asking for in your mental video to take account of the messages you’re getting back from the higher intelligence that controls and looks after us.

There is a complete mental video demonstration that you can follow along with and begin to explore this technique. As with the rest of the program, it’s clearly explained and easy to follow along.

Once you’ve mastered these basic techniques, the course moves on to advanced mind programming and reaching deeper levels of your mind.

There’s a complete section on relationships. This starts with finding your ideal mate and offers some very simple tips on how to be successful with this.

Overall verdict

The complete Silva Ultramind ESP course is big. This review barely scratches the surface of what is covered.

You’ll need to listen to all the audios provided. The good news is that lots of them are explanations of the process, so you can transfer them to CD or iPod and listen to them whilst you’re walking or driving.

There are also plenty of exercises to go through, all of which are thoroughly explained.

The whole program is the same experience you’d get at a Silva Ultramind seminar without having to set aside a complete weekend to take the course.

Alternatively, if you want to find out whether you’ll get on with the Silva method, this is an inexpensive way to do that.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to easily drop into whatever brain state you desire in the blink of an eye. You’ll also know how to improve your life. And some more esoteric things like using ESP.

You can get your personal copy of the Silva UltraMind ESP system here.