Sonic Vitamins Brainwave Entrainment Audios Review

Sonic Vitamins makes some quite outlandish promises. The main claim is that simply by listening to an MP3 file (or a CD if you prefer), you’ll be able to alter your mind. Legally. Much like popping a pill.

The range of topics covered include the usual self help ideas such as increasing your energy levels, boosting your brain or helping you relax. There’s even a section called “fun” which aims to lift your mood.

How Do Sonic Vitamins Work?

Sonic Vitamins imageSonic Vitamins work in much the same way as a binaural beats meditation.

They play a series of tones that are designed to take your brainwave levels down to the desired level. It’s well known that our brain works at different levels or frequencies according to what we’re doing.

When we sleep or meditate deeply, our brainwaves are slowed right down.

When we are trying to be creative, our brain operates at a different level and brings in areas that would be inappropriate whilst we were sleeping or meditating.

The actual tones aren’t particularly pleasant to listen to on their own, so they are disguised by a soundtrack which is all that your conscious mind will hear. Your subconscious mind does all the processing work necessary to get your brainwave levels to the desired rate but you don’t notice that happening when you’re listening to these brainwave entrainment tracks. All you notice is the backing track – there are some samples to listen to on the Sonic Vitamins site (they’re linked from the FAQ page) if you want to hear what you’re likely to get.

Most of the Sonic Vitamins brainwave sessions last for half an hour although you can play them “on loop” if you’d like a longer session.

The Focus Boost session is designed to be listened to whilst your eyes are open (as you’d expect) whereas the Sonic Vitamin relaxation tracks are designed to be played with your eyes closed.

The Sonic Vitamins tracks are afforable – about the same price as a hypnosis download – and there are also offers for pre-bundled packs.

They all come with clear usage instructions so you’ll know that you are using them correctly.

Sonic Vitamins Brainwave Audios Verdict

The Sonic Vitamins tracks are professionally recorded and the ones I tested took me to the kind of brain levels that I would expect.

I like the ease of use aspect of binaural beats brainwave technology as it means that all I need to do is listen to a track to get the desired effect.

Click here to visit the official Sonic Vitamins Brainwave Audios site.