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16 Minute Speed Reading Course Review: how to speed read

16 Minute Speed Reading Course Review

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The 16 minute speed reading course audio program makes the bold claim that you can double your reading speed in just 16 minutes.

I know that it’s possible to dramatically increase your reading speed dramatically – photoreading does that, for instance. But that kind of program takes time before you see results.

The promise of at least doubling your reading speed in a little over quarter of an hour certainly plays to our modern-day “I want it now” mentality.

But does this speed reading course work?Speed reading course

Can you really read at double your normal speed and still understand what you’ve read?

Well, actually, yes. I increased my reading speed by 217% using this program.

All you need to do is set aside a bit of time to listen to the set of 5 audios.

In total, they play for longer than 16 minutes. But that’s because you start by testing how fast your current reading speed is (this makes sense, otherwise you won’t know if the system has worked) and then there’s also some explanation as to why the 16 minute program works.

Then you move into the core of the 16 minute speed reading system: a series of four 1 minute speed reading exercises, repeated 4 times.

If you’ve ever been driving along the freeway at full (legal) speed and then turned off, onto an exit ramp, you’ll know the feeling that everything around you seems to have slowed to a crawl. The exercises work in much the same way: you “read” faster than you ever thought you could, not worrying about reading or understanding anything. Then you slow back down to “normal” speed.

Melvin claims that you can repeat the 16 minute exercise again and will double your reading speed again. I’ve not tried this yet but have no doubt that it’s true.

Does the system work? Undoubtedly. In not much more than 16 minutes, I managed to effortlessly increase my reading speed by 217% from a not-very-impressive 136 words a minute to a pretty decent 296 words a minute. All with near enough no effort on my part.

You can get hold of a copy of the 16 Minute Speed Reading course here.

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