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Subliminal messages are a great way to reprogram your subconscious mind and you can start to create your own with Subliminal Studio. Because the messages are barely audible, they don’t interfere with whatever you are listening to but your subconscious mind will still hear them.

You can buy ready made subliminal recordings at places like Subliminal CDs. And if you want a one-off solution to a problem, that’s an easy and effective way to go.

But what happens if you don’t find the precise track you’re looking for?

With hypnosis tracks, that’s fairly unlikely as there are hundreds of downloads available at sites such as Instant Hypnosis.

But with subliminals, there’s a lot less choice. Plus you don’t always know what they’ve included on the CDs – by definition, there’s no easy way of telling what messages are really included. So you need to make sure that whoever you buy from is reputable.

What’s in Subliminal Studio?

Subliminal StudioSubliminal Studio provides a neat answer to these problems. You are in complete control of the messages that go onto your recordings.

I bought a copy in 2004 and have been using it to make my own custom subliminal MP3s ever since.

What do you get in the package?

The basic Subliminal Studio arrives on one CD.

This has an introductory guide to subliminal messages. It explains the history of subliminals and why they are so powerful.

The guide then goes on to discuss how to write the affirmations that you’re going to use on your recordings.

It is very important to write your affirmations correctly. Your subconscious mind is very child like and takes suggestions directly. It has difficulty processing negatives (which is why the UK’s cigarette pack warning of “Don’t Start” is so powerful for the tobacco companies – people’s minds translate it as “Start”. Ouch!).

This means that how you write your affirmations is very important. The guide goes through these principles with plenty of examples. And if you want to be extra-sure, the optional add-on CD has a collection of pre-written affirmations that you can use.

The guide also has some advice for phrasing targets that your mind may otherwise reject. For instance, although a lot of places suggest that you write affirmations as though they were already realized, there’s a chance that your subconscious mind will just say “No way” and reject the messages if they’re too far from current reality.

For instance, if you say something like “I am living in a mansion with its own outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and automatic gates” and your subconscious looks around your one bedroom apartment, there’s a good chance it will reject the affirmation. The guide covers how to word your goal correctly so that it will be accepted.

The CD comes with a 30 day trial copy of a high end audio recording software program called Adobe Audition. This is very good software and is a great way to start out. Nowadays I personally use a program called Audacity which is free and does most everything I need at a price I like.

Incidentally, if the microphone that’s built in to your PC isn’t up to scratch, I’d suggest that you check out the Plantronics Digital range. They have a noise canceling feature that cuts out things like traffic outside your study and you can use them for things such as Skype calls as well.

The guide talks you through how to set the optimum recording levels for your subliminals as well as how to tidy them up before you burn them to CD or transfer them to your iPod.

One of the nice things about making your own subliminals is that you can choose whatever backing track takes your fancy. Most pre-recorded CDs will use either natural sounds (such as rainfall) or new age music. But with your own recordings there’s no limit to what you can use as a backing track.

If you’re going to sell your recordings, you will need to use a backing track that you’ve got the copyright for. The standard version of Subliminal Studio comes with over 5 hours of these tracks that you’re free to use in conjunction with your productions. Like most other royalty free music, the only restriction is that you can’t sell these tracks on their own but so long as you add some messages to them, you’ll be fine. The optional add-on CD has an extra 7 hours, so there’s no excuse for being boring.

When I first bought Subliminal Studio, I was keen to get going immediately. My microphone hadn’t arrived from Amazon and my PC was too old to have a built in microphone.

If you’re in the same position, you can use the pre-recorded affirmations to get going almost immediately.

The CD includes 20 different sessions in MP3 format, ready to add to your recordings. The tracks on my copy include memory improvement, creative thinking, success in exams, getting motivated, weight loss, lucid dreaming, boosting self esteem, quit smoking, reducing stress and speed reading.

If you want to produce your own subliminal CDs to give away to friends or sell to customers, you could use these and be up and running in next to no time.

The other main area that the Subliminal Studio guide covers is binaural beats. These can be added to your recordings or used on their own. Whilst there are specialist programs that can produce binaural beats, the guide teaches you how to make your own using the trial version of Adobe Audition that comes with the package.

So if you’ve ever wanted to make your own binaural meditation tracks like the ones in the Meditation Program, you can be on your way fast. There’s a good explanation of binaural beats and which frequencies work best for different situations such as meditation, insomnia treatments, relaxation, stress relief and (of course) to reinforce subliminal messages.

The other thing you may have come across if you’ve investigated programs such as Centerpointe Holosync is the idea of “silent subliminals”.

These are a very odd technology originally developed for the military. And they are very effective.

The CD includes a script that works with the audio software that makes creating your own silent subliminals a very simple process. You can either record these over a regular subliminal recording or you can follow one of the suggestions in the guide and make your own completely silent CD crammed full with subliminal suggestions. Of course, you’d need to be ethical with this. No matter how tempting it is to record something to keep your children or co-workers productive!


Subliminal Studio is a very easy way to create your own professional subliminal recordings.

You can use these for yourself. Or produce them to give away or sell to other people.

The instructions in the guide are simple to follow (and the company have a friendly support system if you have any questions that need answering). You can make your own personalized subliminal recordings quickly and you’ll know 100% what’s on the recordings.

There’s also an optional add-on CD which gives you lots of extra goodies including extra pre-written scripts, another 7 hours of royalty free backing tracks and 3 more hours of pre-recorded binaural beats. The system is almost as easy to use as buying pre-recorded subliminals and a lot more flexible.

You can get hold of your own copy of Subliminal Studio here.

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  1. steve martin Says:

    This blog is very interesting and in this control over subconscious mind is very nicely described.

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  2. Rinaldo Hasibuan Says:

    yeah, very nice describe

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  3. Vinay Says:


    Can u tell in detail how to create subliminal cd using subliminal studio software

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  4. admin Says:

    Hi Vinay

    There’s a full tutorial in the PDF manual that comes with it.

      • Erno Says:


        What is the difference between using Hypnosis recordings like the ones in instant-hypnosis and subliminal recordings?

        Thanks very much

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      • admin Says:

        Hi Erno

        With hypnosis recordings, you can consciously hear the words whereas with subliminal recordings you will only “hear” them subconsciously.

          • Conversational Hypnosis Says:

            Hi, subliminal studio is a hypnosis recording mp3 right? Are these recordings the same with the conversational hypnosis mp3s in the market? So, with these subliminal studio I can create my own hypnosis recordings, that’s so great. This is a very nice review!

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          • admin Says:

            Subliminal Studio is a complete toolkit to produce subliminal MP3s, so it’s not the same as the conversational hypnosis ones – you’re in control of the wording and the music.

              • Conversational Hypnosis Says:

                That’s pretty cool…I think I would probably benefit mostly from the memory one since I have to write pretty much every thing down now days! Hah!

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              • Ken Says:

                Fantastic review. I have been looking for this type of software and you have confirmed many of my thoughts. I still use “canned” subliminals but feel that making my own will be even better.

                You don’t know of any software like this that allows an instant download do you?

                Thanks, Ken

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              • Mervie Says:


                I have just gone from windows to Mac and am wondering if anyone is having success using Subliminal Studio with Mac’s Garageband 11 (v 6.0.2) if not What is working with the Mac book pro Please?

                Thanks for all

                Enjoy life

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