Think and Grow Rich Action Plan

Think and Grow Rich Action PlanThink and Grow Rich is probably one of the most influential self help books of all time.

But if you’ve ever tried to read it, you’ll probably have encountered the difficulty of dealing with the language. Compared with modern works by the likes of Tony Robbins, it’s definitely “old fashioned”. Obviously you can work around this, but it does mean that a lot of people end up putting Think and Grow Rich on their “to do” list rather than actually starting to use it.

The Think and Grow Rich Action Pack aims to get over this problem and get you on your way to getting the best from this classic self help book.

More about the Think and Grow Rich Action Plan

The best place to start is with the video seminar. This gives a modern-day, plain English overview of the book. It’s a great overview and helps to put all the important elements of the book in place.

The next component of the course is the original book in audio format. If you’re like me, making the time to read a book isn’t always easy but you probably have plenty of time where you’re commuting to work or otherwise doing tasks where you could listen to an audio version of the book. This is delivered in MP3 format, so you can transfer it to your iPod or burn it to CD and listen to it whenever you want.

The third part of the course is a video seminar. This is the main part of the Action Plan and takes you through the main parts of the book in an online video seminar that you can watch at leisure.

Part 4 is the “Think and Grow Rich Made Easy” Workbook. This gets over a lot of people’s problems with the original book by re-writing it in modern English. If you’ve ever struggled to make sense of Napoleon Hill’s original then this is definitely for you.

Part 5 is the original book by Napoleon Hill, in a modern PDF format.

There are also a variety of bonuses that you can dip into when you want.

And if you haven’t got a copy of the original Think and Grow Rich book, you can get hold of a free copy in exchange for your email address here.


The Think and Grow Rich Action Plan is a welcome update to the classic self help book.

It brings the book to a modern audience and, as such, is an ideal version for anyone who has struggled with the original version.

The book is still as relevant today as when it was originally written – this Action Plan helps to bring it up to date and makes it a lot easier to put into practice. Recommended.

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