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Ultimate Self Talk Series Review: how to use positive self talk

Ultimate Self Talk Series Review

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Self talk, let’s face it –  we all talk to ourselves.

Some people – the ones you maybe cross the road to avoid – talk to themselves out loud.

But most people talk to themselves in their heads.

Of course, in television shows such as Dexter it’s difficult for us to know the self talk, so they use a narrative to allow us to hear it.

If you talk to yourself, that’s perfectly normal…

More about Self Talk

The problem is that we’ll often say things to ourselves that are impolite or downright nasty. We’ll use a “tone” and words that we wouldn’t dare utter out loud. (If you don’t believe this, take a note of what you say in your head when you next berate yourself.)
Ultimate Self Talk Series
This negative self talk can bring us down. We begin to believe what we tell ourselves and let it shape our behavior.

There are several ways that you can reduce the amount of self talk you have:

  • Attend a personal development course. I did this a few years ago and found that my level of self talk dropped dramatically. It was very effective but it wasn’t cheap.
  • Use an NLP technique to move and change the voice in your head. This is quite fun! After all, you’re creating the voice so you can change it. Try turning that annoying voice into one that’s closer to Mickey Mouse – it’s much more difficult to take it seriously. With practice, you can do this and also change the words that are being said so that your subconscious changes how it reacts to what is being said. I got a lot better with this after attending a week-long NLP course.
  • Get hold of a series of pre-recorded MP3s that are specifically written to help you overcome the different issues you’re likely to face. These are an excellent and affordable second choice to attending face-to-face courses and seminars. They also have the added benefit that you can schedule listening to them to fit in with your own timetable and you can re-listen whenever you want.

The Ultimate Self Talk Series aims to fill this third position.

It has a short user guide that explains more about self talk and explains why we often use self talk to unnecessarily limit ourselves.

If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re no good at something, you’ve reinforced the programming in your mind with this negative self talk.

The user guide then goes on to explain how self talk works. And why it is so powerful in shaping us.

If you’re already aware of the (often negative) voices in your head, you can safely skip the user guide and get straight on with listening to the MP3s.

But if you need something to keep your conscious mind occupied, it’s an easy read.

The MP3s are split across eight different topics:

  • Wealth attraction
  • Finding your true love
  • Creating happiness
  • Achieving your goals
  • Ensuring that you are healthy
  • Career success
  • Gaining self confidence
  • Living an abundant life

Each MP3 has three different sessions: morning, day time and evening.

They’re not hypnosis tracks, so you can do other things whilst they play. This is a great benefit as a lot of other programs require you to give them your undivided attention.

The series recommends that you choose a topic and follow it daily for a couple of weeks.

And if you’re focused enough, that’s a great plan.

If not, do your best to keep as close to the suggested timetable. And if you need to dip into another program (maybe boosting your self confidence before giving a speech or presentation) that will work as well.

The morning session could easily be played in the background as you start your day, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, that kind of thing.

By the way, if you’re overdosing on negative thoughts, I’d suggest playing it instead of watching breakfast television.

The daytime session is optional. But playing it to yourself on your journey to work would work a treat.

There’s no background music on either the morning or daytime tracks and the user guide suggests that you can play them at the same time as your favorite music.

I’d suggest that you think about going one step further – get hold of a copy of Audacity (a free audio program) and drop the MP3 you’re working with onto an extra track, creating your own custom track, so you don’t have to juggle with two different audio devices. (If the thought of using a new computer program to do this worries you, a friendly local teenager will be able to do this work for you!)

The evening session for each program has gentle music playing in the background and is a good way to help you unwind and get to sleep.

Overall Verdict

The 8 different topics in the Ultimate Self Talk Series, each with 3 different sessions, are well put together and professionally recorded.

The program arrives on 2 CDs and you’re able to copy the MP3s to your iPod or burn them to CD as you prefer.

The approach used is simple and straightforward. Which means that you can use it while you get on with other things in your life, which is important if your daily schedule is hectic.

The price for all 8 sessions is reasonable compared with the alternative of buying separate hypnosis or subliminal sessions.

There’s also a discounted purchase option that works a bit like a coupon code. If you think that this self talk system will work for you, use one of the two discounted links below to get a $10 reduction:

Discounted version of Ultimate Self Talk Series, credit card

Discounted version of Ultimate Self Talk Series, PayPal

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  1. moralde Says:

    Definitely a good tool for one’s self development. Self talk has been proven over and over especially by coaches and athletes in the sports arena. Effectively complements one’s effort at maintaining a positive outlook.

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