Vedic Mathematics Secrets Review

Doing sums in your head may seem an odd topic for the 21st century, even if it’s given a fancy sounding name such as Vedic Mathematics Secrets.

After all, calculators are everywhere. Even if they’re not exactly designed for speed or accuracy – for instance, the calculator on your cell phone, where it’s easy to press the wrong button or confuse the various calculation signs.

More about Vedic Mathematics Secrets

Vedic MathematicsThen of course there are all those weird and wonderful cells and references lurking in your spreadsheets.

When you’re out shopping, you rely on the cashier to press the correct buttons to charge you the right amount. I was nearly overcharged in my local shop the other day because the cashier used the wrong “code” for one of the products I was buying. It wasn’t until my friend challenged the cashier that the mistake was noticed – I’d have just paid what the cash register said. Because it’s a machine and must be right!

Vedic Maths is a fun way to do mental arithmetic and will let you keep track of all the various calculations you encounter every day. Just in case one of them is wrong. Without getting the brain aches you normally get when simple maths turns into “dead hard sums”.

The report starts off gently. Depending on how long ago you went to school, you may have learned your times tables. If that’s so, you’ll know the answer to 6 x 9 automatically. You won’t necessarily know how you got the answer apart from some dim and distant memory. But you’ll get there.

Younger readers will probably know other ways to get to the result.

At this level, Vedic Maths works with nice, easy numbers. Like 10. You’re then shown how to work at this low (simple) level to get to the answer. Which is 54 if you’re wondering.

Ok. That one’s probably fairly easy for most of us.

How about 95 x 92?


Or 1044 x 1002?


All these examples – and many more – are neatly explained and you’ll be doing similar sums in your head before you know it.

At the end of the multiplication section, you’ll be able to quickly, confidently and accurately multiply any two numbers. Probably quicker than the person sitting next to you with a calculator.

Even really nasty sums such as 1234 x 56.

Once you’ve built up your confidence, it’s on to cubing. So if you’ve ever wanted to know how many cubic feet of water those local sharks are paddling around in at your local aquarium, this is for you.

The next section of the Vedic Maths report deals with division.

As with multiplication, you’re gently introduced to this.

Which is a good thing as you probably wouldn’t want to be thrown in at the deep end with calculations such as 13806 divided by 112. But by the time you reach this section, it will seem like a stroll in the mental arithmetic park.

Towards the end of the report is a handy flow chart that you can print out if you want to. This makes it really simple to remember what to do when – so long as you can answer yes or no to the questions on the chart, you’ll be at the answer almost instantly.

And as an extra bonus, all the exercises in the report have answers at the end of the report, so you can check your mental arithmetic.

Verdict on Vedic Mathematics Secrets

At first sight, I wondered how relevant this report would be to our modern world. After all, machines that can perform calculations are all around us.

But as I read through the report and did the calculations, it became apparent that there are plenty of uses for the skills taught in Vedic Mathematics.

Most of the time, I can perform approximate mental arithmetic fairly fast. But there are times when I get those calculations spectacularly wrong – out by a factor of 10 or 100 as my old maths teacher would have told me.

And it’s at those times that a quick “reasonableness” check is a great tool.

This report is great for helping your children do better at maths at school.

It’s also a very useful tool before you pass on that massive spreadsheet to someone else. It’s way too easy to get casual when you’re entering figures on a keyboard and press the wrong keys.

And then rely on those figures.

If you don’t believe me, ask the people at NASA who mixed up metric and imperial units on the Mars orbiter that crashed rather than landed.

A quick check with Vedic Mathematics would have spotted that rather expensive error.

You can get your personal copy of Vedic Mathematics Secrets here.

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