Listen To Your Spirit Guide Review

Many of us believe that we have an individual guiding force, helping us through our lives but how to contact your spirit guide?

These guiding forces are often referred to as spirit guides. Some people have one that they connect with on a regular basis, other people have more than one guide that they can call on depending on the circumstances.

If you’re just starting out or are having trouble connecting with your spirit guide, this MP3 promises to get your mind into the best state to be able to communicate with your spirit guide.

Listen to Your Spirit Guide comes in three different versions, depending on your personal preference.

Each version will take your mind to the same place, just with a different technology behind the track.

Until I did this review, my preferred version would have been the binaural beats one. It’s the same method used in the meditation program I use regularly. This works by playing two slightly different frequencies, one into each ear, and letting your brain resolve the difference. It does mean that you will need to wear stereo headphones to get the best results with this version.

The monaural beats version gets over the need to use headphones and is a good compromise on price.

But small extra cost for the Isochronic Tones version is well worth it.

The session lasts for half an hour, the same time as the other options, but I found it far and away the easiest to use and it allowed me to easily reach my spirit guide every time I used it, something that I can normally only manage intermittently.

If you’ve tried to get in touch with your spirit guide before but had limited (if any) success, then you owe it to yourself to

click here for a listen to your spirit guide download.