Hypnosis Downloads Review

I find that hypnosis tracks can be a quick and easy way to solve a problem and getting them from a hypnosis downloads site is easier than ordering from somewhere like Amazon.

The trouble is writing or finding a script, recording it and then playing it to myself. For me, that’s too much hassle for a one-off situation.

About hypnosis downloads…Hypnosis downloads

To the rescue is Hypnosis Downloads. They are based here in the UK and have a team of professional hypnotists who are continually adding new downloads. The range is good – at the time of writing this, they had 580 different audio tracks available for instant download.

Obviously I haven’t listened to all of these, but the ones I’ve used have been good quality. They follow the usual pattern: drop into trance, plant the necessary ideas, come out of trance. Which is exactly what you need when you are looking for a hypnosis solution to a common problem like fear of public speaking or a less common problem like fear of phones. It’s all there for a remarkably low price per track.

The tracks are supplied as an MP3. So you can play them on your PC, burn them to a CD or copy them across to your iPod or other MP3 player. Just remember to only listen to the tracks when it’s safe to do so (hypnosis tracks and driving a car just don’t mix).

Check out the selection at Hypnosis Downloads now!

If you’re interested in exploring hypnosis further, check out their free hypnosis training course. It’s a good introduction to the subject and will give you an idea as to whether or not you want to pursue learning hypnosis further.

Click here for hundreds of hypnosis downloads.

Secrets of Abundant Energy

Secrets of Abundant Energy is meditation for the rest of us.

It is for anyone who has tried to meditate but found their mind got in the way.

Matt’s calming voice will help you to get rid of the clutter that inhabits our minds in the 21st century. If you’ve ever tried meditation before and got nowhere slowly, this will change your meditation habits for the better.

Secrets of Abundant Energy isn’t cheap. But compared with some of the other courses I’ve tried, it’s not mega expensive either. There’s no ongoing cost involved, no buying “just one more level”. The whole package is self contained.

If you’re looking to transform your life in 20 minutes a day, this is an excellent place to start.

Click here to get your copy of Secrets of Abundant Energy

Paraliminals CDs

When you first listen to a paraliminals CD it’s an odd experience. The system works by confusing your conscious mind and it does a good job of that.

There are two different audio soundtracks, usually stories, being played simultaneously. One plays in your left ear, the other plays in your right ear. Your conscious mind tends to focus on one of the tracks, often drifting between the two tracks. The odd sensation increases when the stories cross over between ears.

There are paraliminal cds for lots of different things including weight loss, health, relationships, prosperity and even a 10 minute supercharger, which I’ve found especially useful when I need to boost my energy levels quickly.

Check out paraliminals cd’s on Amazon.

Photo Reading

You’ve probably heard of speed reading, where people learn to read at the rate of hundreds of words a minute whilst still being able to comprehend what they’ve read but photo reading is even faster!

Photoreading is like speed reading on steroids. The course claims that you will be able to read up to 25,000 words a minute. You can learn the photo reading technique either from a book or an audio course. My preferred method is the audio course – there’s no flicking back and forth in the book at the same time as you’re endeavoring to learn how to photoread.

The photoreading course teaches you how to read a book as fast as you can turn the pages. When I tried it, my “reading” speed went up dramatically yet, as claimed, I comprehended at least as much of the book as I had by reading at normal speeds.

If you need to read and comprehend things like text books, academic books and manuals, then

Photo reading is highly recommended.

Relaxing Music Downloads

Relaxing Music Downloads promises downloads of thousands of relaxing music tracks for you to download, save onto your iPod or burn to CD.

In practice, when you join up there are around 50 tracks available to download at any given time. When I asked, they said that they update the tracks regularly.

The search shown on the sales pitch page either doesn’t exist in the members area or I couldn’t find it.Relaxing music downloads

That said, the tracks that are available from Relaxing Music Downloads are good quality and even with the lower number of downloads available at any given time, you’d be hard pressed to get similar tracks for less than $1 each.

Click here to get relaxing music downloads.

Sedona Method

At its simplest, the Sedona Method involves you with getting in touch with your feelings (anger, grief, apathy, peace and quite a few more) and then “releasing” them.

What does that mean?

We do one of three things with our feelings:

  1. Bottle them up inside ourselves
  2. Vent them on others (if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of someone’s anger attack, you’ll recognize this)
  3. Release them

Releasing is the healthiest option all round. It’s the Sedona methods word for letting go of a feeling. And there’s a method involve, as you’ve probably guessed.

Once you’ve identified the feeling you want to release, you ask yourself three questions:

  1. Could I let that feeling go?
  2. Would I let that feeling go?
  3. When?

Simple isn’t it? Simple but very powerful.

For the first two questions, you can’t sit on the fence. Your answer must be either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. For the third question, you need to give a time – now, today, next week, the end of the universe, etc.

Of course, there’s more to discover. For instance, Sedona can really help with ridding yourself of unwanted habits. It’s also super powerful goal setting method.

Sedona offer a free sampler course. You can get your copy here.

Centerpointe Review

Centerpointe uses Holosync audio technology to place you in right mode for meditating. It helps to adjust your brain wave patterns so that you effortlessly go into deep meditation.

Centerpointe is very simple to use: sit down, place the CD in your player, put on your stereo headphones and start listening.

As you progress through Centerpointe’s system, you go deeper through the various levels of the program. Each ‘level’ has 4 CDs which you listen to in sequence for a minimum number of weeks (these vary from person to person and you move on to the next CD when you are personally ready).

After the initial CD set, you get the opportunity to have your own personal affirmations recorded subliminally onto your CDs. The technique they use is based on US government techniques for silent messages, so you won’t consciously hear the affirmations but your subconscious will hear them loud and clear.

Centerpointe offer a free demonstration CD. Just follow the links in this article to get your own copy.

I’ve been using Centerpointe for several years now and have found it to be simple to use and highly effective.