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Revolutioniz claims that it can help you to attract and manifest anything into your life.

The aim of Revolutioniz is to help you make the Law of Attraction work for you, even if until now it’s been more hope than actual things happening.

The package includes 4 reports which you are advised to follow through in order and a variety of extras which you’re told to only look at when instructed by the main course. Which is a good idea as it’s all too easy to get distracted if you don’t follow a logical process.

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Another advantage of the course being split into 4 reports is that you should be able to read through one section at a time. With larger reports, it’s all too easy to think “I’ll come back to it tomorrow” but never actually do that. The series of smaller reports make it easier to actually complete the process.

Report 1: How To Work With The Law of Attraction

This report starts by explaining what how the laws of the universe work. It’s one of the best introductions to the subject that I’ve come across, with plenty of examples that you’ll be able to relate to. This is backed up by science, to keep the logical part of your mind happy (nothing too deep – don’t worry!).

The final chapter in this first report is all about making the Law of Attraction work for you in real life.

If you’ve ever doubted whether or not the Law of Attraction will work for you and then ended up without the thing you tried to manifest, this chapter of Revolutioniz will be like a penny dropping in your mind – things will begin to click into place.

It also explains how to be clear about what you want. It’s no use asking the Universe for something without being crystal clear as to why you want it. This section will help you achieve that clarity.

This report is excellent ground work and I had several “light bulb” moments when reading through it – things I’d done that had conspired against me getting what I’d set out to get.

Report 2: Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe

This report goes through the five other laws of the universe, one by one.

It explains how these other laws work in conjunction with the Law of Attraction and help it to work at its best.

This report goes beyond simply the Law of Attraction and covers:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Vibration
  • The Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Law of Gratitude
  • The Law of Love
  • The Law of Allowance

and talks about how each of these laws interact with each other. Which is likely why if you’ve just focussed on the Law of Attraction in isolation, chances are that you haven’t manifested everything you wanted.

For anyone who’s ever encountered a “sticking point” with trying to put the Law of Attraction into practice, chances are that you’ve been ignoring at least one of these five laws.

It’s all clearly explained with plenty of examples.

Report 3: Blueprint of the Universal Principles of Life

This is a summary of the two previous reports. Don’t be tempted to skip straight to this – the summary will make a lot more sense when you’ve read the first two reports.

If you want a regular reminder of putting the Law of Attraction into practice, I’d suggest that you print out this report and pin it to a noticeboard or somewhere equally prominent.

Report 4: Practical Module

This brings together everything you’ve learned from the previous reports and explains how to use the software that’s included in the Revolutioniz package.

You’re advised to print out this report so that you can refer to it at the same time as using the Manifestation software.

Again, don’t be tempted to “fast forward” to this report. It’s of much more use if you’ve read through the earlier reports first. They don’t take long to read through and the benefits you get will be well worth it.

The Manifestation software sets Revolutioniz apart from most of the other products I’ve encountered.

The accompanying report goes into detail on how to use the software and how to set your goals for the things you want to

It also talks about why simply setting a money goal is not likely to work – there’s also an extra report devoted entirely to how you should go about attracting money into your life. In a nutshell, money goals are “false” goals. It’s what you’re going to do with the cash that’s the real goal, not the amount sitting in your bank account.

As with everything else in the Revolutioniz package, the complete process is explained in step-by-step detail to make sure that you get on your way to manifesting exactly what you want in life.

You start the process by clicking the most appropriate of the two buttons shown in the screen shot. The software then walks you through the rest of the goal setting procedure and you can refer to the manual for help at any time.

Bonus report: Attracting Money

There is a bonus report included in the main Revolutioniz package. This deals with attracting money and it’s important because so many people get hung up on money in and of itself.

It covers what money is (and also what it isn’t). If you want to “try before you buy” then you can download this report and two others free here.


Revolutioniz is an excellent system to help you really start using the Law of Attraction in your life and manifesting good things.

It’s well explained and the support materials – including the goal setting software – are top class.

If you’ve struggled with applying the Law of Attraction, this is a great way to stop that struggle and actually begin manifesting what you desire into your life.

Click here to download Revolutioniz.

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  1. Of all the LOA programs on the market, I found that Revolutioniz is both the most systematic and the most complete LOA program available. So many of the LOA programs leave our major supporting material that most are totally worthless. Revolutioniz was a refreshing change from most of the misguided programs for the Law of Attraction.

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